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List of Top 10 Agriculture Companies in India (2020)

Agriculture Companies in India

Ever wondered what life would be without wheat, rice, millet, or other food grains that we merrily relish during mealtime? Or, even the potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, without which no curry we cook for lunch/dinner can really be complete. The fact is that these food items come so convenient to us that it only seems natural to just step out and buy them from the market.

Little do we stop and think about the actual process that lies between these foodgrains reaching the nearest supermarket/provisional store and then entering our homes. It is a long and tedious process indeed that involves the production of crops, the supply of crop protection measures such as pesticides and fertilizers, and the use of tools and equipment to facilitate mass farming at ease.

The agricultural companies in India are primarily responsible for this entire process. Right from supplying the seeds for effective production of crops to delivering agricultural tools for improved efficiency, these companies indeed make a significant contribution to the farmers’ households and the Indian economy at large.

Here’s a list of agricultural companies in India so we know who’s responsible for giving us our food daily.

1. DuPont India:

Du Point India
Du Point India

Operating since 1802, this has to be one of the oldest agricultural establishments in the country. The company today has presence in over 90 nations, with its corporate and head office based out of Gurgaon in Haryana.

DuPont India is primarily involved in the production of agro-based products. A few examples include seeds, pesticides and insecticides for preservation of crops such as wheat, rice, vegetables, sugarcane, soybean, pulses, and lentils. Besides these, the company also deals in providing healthcare services for animals used in farm production.

The company also makes constant endeavors to make innovations to its work processes with the intent to offer a multitude of efficient services. This can be seen in its constantly increasing product line which includes adhesives, advanced and printing solutions, animal nutrition products, and biomaterials.

2. Rallis India Limited

Rallis India Limted

This company is a subsidiary organization of the Tata Group and has been in operation since 1815. It is, therefore one of the oldest agrochemical companies in India.

Rallis India Ltd. has been involved in the production of all kinds of agricultural products such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and treated seed chemicals. The company’s research and development unit are located in Bangalore and deals in product development.

The other range of services associated with Rallis India includes contract manufacturing, plant growth nutrients, and agri services. The company is believed to be closely connected to nearly 1 million farmers in India via its KisanKutumb program. Over 5 million farmers are deemed to have benefited from the wide array of agricultural solutions provided by Rallis.

3. Nuziveedu Seeds Limited

Nuziveedu Seeds India
Nuziveedu Seeds

As is suggested by its name, the company is involved in agricultural seeds. It prides itself in being the largest BT cotton seed producer in the country. Established in 1973, the company has its head and corporate office situated in Hyderabad, Telangana. Its parent company is NSL Group, an Indian establishment.

A large number of seeds are supplied by the company for a number of crops grown in the country, such as cotton, wheat, bajra, jowar, vegetables, mustard, sorghum, pearl millet, sunflower, maize, and hybrid paddy and research paddy seeds.

The company makes constant endeavours to promote socio-economic welfare programs for the Indian farmer community in the form of generating employment opportunities and working on technologies to maintain sustainable agriculture.

4. Lemken India Agro Equipments Private Limited

Lamken Aggriculture Company Logo
Lemken India Agro

This is a relatively newer agricultural company which started operations in 2010. Headquartered in Nagpur, Maharashtra, the company has shown tremendous growth over the last decade to figure in our list of top 10 agricultural companies in India. Its manufacturing plant is also based out of Nagpur.

The company is basically involved in the manufacture of machinery used for the cultivation of the soil, sowing, and protection of crops. Today, the country has a worldwide presence in at least 45 nations.

It is renowned as one of the leading organisations involved in the production of reversible plough, cultivators, power harrow, and other tools and implements used for agricultural processes. The company is also the provider of services such as reconsolidation for large soil pores, seedbed preparation, stubble cultivation, and drilling.

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5. Advanta Limited

Advanta Limited

Another of the relatively new players in the agro market, Advanta was launched in 1994 and has been active in the business of agricultural seeds ever since. The company is a plant genetics firm with its corporate and head office in Hyderabad, Telangana.

It has already established an esteemed presence in at least 6 continents and is also renowned as the global leader in the production of forges and grains. For this reason, the company is also listed in the NSE and BSE stock indexes.

Advanta prides itself in working towards the achievement of top 2 Sustainable Development goals as defined by the UN – no poverty and zero hunger.

Advanta was also ranked 4th in the whole of South and Southeast Asia and 5th in the entire world as the leading seed company to reach smallholder farmers. This is why it features in our list of agricultural companies in India.

6. Monsanto India

Monsanto India

The Indian subsidiary of the US agricultural leader Monsanto, which was established in 1901 in Missouri, USA. The US giant’s India business primarily focuses on the manufacture of seeds and crop protection measures such as pesticides.

Monsanto India has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and today figures among the topmost agricultural companies in the country.Among the leading chemicals company in India, Monsanto India deals in the production of agricultural seeds, weed management, and vegetable seeds.

Besides, the company also provides timely and customised crop management advisory services to maize, cotton and vegetable farmers in the country. These farmers are offered assistance in the enhancement of farm yields to increase their profitability.

The company also partners with millions of farmers across India in at least 7 different languages to offer complete help in carrying out efficient agricultural processes.

7. Poabs Organic Estates

Poabs Organic Estates
Poabs Organic Estates

This company is based out of Tiruvalla, Kerala and has been operating way back since 1889. It’s essentially a multi-crop plantation firm and is also the leading player in the agro-based product market in terms of coffee, tea, white and black pepper.

Poabs Organic Estates has earned several national and international recognitions in its tea and coffee sector. The company follows biodynamic agricultural practices and exists as a self-sustained unit in a closed ecosystem. The organic Arabica derived from the estates is the bestseller in the agro market in India and several parts of the world.

The company is also involved in mass plantation with over 700,000 trees been planted in the region during the last 6 years. It also owns 7 tea estates in the Idukki district of Kerala, which is one of the oldest planting districts in South India.

8. National Agro-Industry

National Agro Industries
National Agro Industries

Set up in 1970, the National Agro-Industry operates from Ludhiana, Punjab. The company has been involved in the manufacture of agro-based equipment and also owns a significant market share in this domain in the country.

A few examples of the company-manufactured products include ridge planter, crop planter, paddy grain planter, seed drill, maize sheller, and vegetable seed extractor. The company is also a pioneer in the manufacture of seed drills in India. National Agro-Industry has earned wide acclaim in introducing and following progressive agricultural methods and manufacturing best-quality products.

The company is also renowned for the use of innovative equipment to considerably reduce the time and energy spent in farming. Besides, a host of other popular products in the market are all accredited to the company, such as National Zero-Till Ferti Seed Drill, National Zero-Till Maize/Multi-Crop Planter, and National Vegetable Nursery Transplanter.

9. Godrej Agrovet Limited

Godrej Agrovet Logo
Godrej Agrovet

A subsidiary of the renowned national group Godrej, Godrej Agrovet Ltd. has been in operation since 1990. The company is primarily involved in agro-based products and features among the top agricultural establishments in the country. Some of the most notable products from the company include bird and animal feeds, agro-chemicals, poultry-based products, and palm oil plantation.

The company believes in taking appropriate measures to improve the productivity of farmers in India. This is why Godrej Agrovet Ltd. is involved in launching innovative products and services that help sustainably increase crop and livestock yields.

It equally partakes in social responsibility measures by creating a more employable workforce, building a Greener India, and introducing innovations for a number of good-quality and green products.

10. Rasi Seeds

Rasi Seeds
Rasi Seeds

Dealing in the production of agricultural seeds in India, the company has been in operation since 1973. It is involved in the manufacture of a wide variety of seeds such as the likes of pearl millet, maize, and cotton.

The company is also recognized as one of the top biotech companies in India and has earned several accolades for providing the best-quality seed and expertise in farming methods.

Rasi Seeds is involved in continual research and innovation methodologies to help improve the life of Indian farmers. Using the most advanced genetic engineering and breeding measures, the company produces hybrid seeds that have in-built biotic and abiotic resistance power that can acclimatise to varied agro-climatic conditions.

Some of the renowned products of the company include hybrid cotton and forage crops to meet the nutritional needs of livestock in India.

Role of Agriculture in the Indian Economy

After detailing the role played by agricultural companies in the country, here we understand the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy. We already know that farming is responsible for feeding people, birds, and livestock in the country.

However, there are a number of other significant parts played as well by agriculture in India:

  • Agriculture makes a significant contribution to the national income
  • It’s an important source of everyday livelihood to most Indian families
  • It’s an essential source of food for humans, birds, and animals
  • Agriculture plays a considerable role in the industrial development of the country
  • It’s also a significant source of government revenue in India
  • Agriculture also makes an important contribution to economic planning in the country
  • The sector also helps augment foreign exchange earnings by increasing the export of agro and agro-based products from India.

Wrapping it Up

The role of agriculture in the Indian economy is almost near indispensable. Not only is the sector the primary source of food supply to the millions of families in the country but is also a significant revenue earner for the country through its agricultural exports abroad.

This has bolstered the growth of numerous agricultural companies in India which have been in operation almost since the beginning of the 19th century and have since been serving not only farmers but the entire population of the country.

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