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7 Best Ayurvedic Doctors in India (2020) Top Rated

Best Ayurvedic doctors

The use of ayurvedic medications across Indian territories has become extensive over a while. With the allopathic and homeopathic market getting slower, people are opting for ayurvedic medicines that are offering fast and life-long relief from diseases and disorders.

The development of rejuvenation centers across India, people are paying a visit to the ayurvedic doctors who are offering the best ayurvedic treatment in India. The reason being they have started to believe that natural processes of treating diseases and disorders are much better than the usage of chemicals.

With this mindset, we have come up with the list of Top ayurvedic doctors who are offering excellent services in treating any diseases and disorders with ayurvedic treatment:

1. Jiva Ayurveda & Panchkarma Center

Jiva Ayurveda & Panchkarma

Jiva Ayurveda was established with a mission to introduce Ayurveda to every home across Indian territories. Their objective is quite simple as they tend to make people live a happy life by keeping their lifestyle healthy by offering the best ayurvedic treatment at their doorstep.

They help in dealing with growing ailments and treating disorders that would include diabetes, asthma, obesity, skin complications, sexual dysfunctions, and many more.

The institute came into existence in the year 1998 and become an integrated center to conduct health consultation via telephone. As of today, there are more than 500 Ayurvedic doctors who are associated with the institution, offering consultations to more than a million patients across 1800 locations throughout India.

They manufacture their medications and products to ensure they don’t compromise on the quality and purity of the products. Also, they provide that it’s passing through the right certifications before being launched into the market.

Along with this, the institute believes in organizing training programs and share their knowledge with the Millennials who can opt for ayurvedic treatment. Based on the experiences that their doctors have; they have customized programs catering to the sensibilities of learners.

Also, they have created many support centers across India to offer assistance to the people who can stay healthy and fit all the time by curing their diseases permanently. You can visit Dr. Partap Chauhan, who leads the institution to gather more details about ayurvedic science and its benefits.

  • Adress: Plot No:3, DLF Industrial Area, Faridabad, Haryana.
  • Services: Ayurveda Center, Ayurbaby, PanchKarma
  • Contact No: +91 9152854952

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2.   SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma

SKK Ayurveda

SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma offer treatments based on Ayurveda to get a permanent solution to the number of diseases and disorders that you are experiencing. They offer the finest and natural ayurvedic therapies that will assist you in fighting with any illness and live a healthy life throughout.

They provide treatments that would include treating joint pains, rejuvenation treatments, gynecological treatments, infertility treatments, endometriosis treatments, holistic skin treatments, and hair care treatments. They also help you in offering weight loss treatments and control your obesity.

SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma are located in Janakpuri, Delhi, which is also known as the heart of India. They offer traditional methods of ayurvedic treatments to their patients that help them in recovering from their illness effectively.

They also enhance the power of your body by reenergizing it and making you feel like a young chap once the treatment is completed. Also, if you are looking for full body massage services or steam bath services, SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma is the place for you.

Services would include the following:

  • Ayurvedic Consultation
  • Gynecology Treatment
  • Hair Care treatment
  • Immunity Development
  • Leech Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Rejuvenation Packages
  • Skin Care Treatment
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss and Inch Loss Treatment
  • Contact No: 011-2555 3684 | +91 – 9811441562

So, get to enjoy all these services at just one place within your town and at cheaper rates too. Book an appointment with their experts right now!

3.   Sri Sri Panchakarma Centre

Sri Sri Ayurveda

With a vision to change the treatment procedures across the world, Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre has come up with a philosophy to stay on top of the radar by offering ayurvedic therapies across different parts of the country effectively. They have yoga and other medication programs within their store and add a holistic experience to everyone who’s visiting the place.

Their treatment regimens are crafted by the top ayurvedic doctors of India who have the right experience and expertise in handling critical health complications with ease.

They also offer therapeutic massages that help your body to heal automatically, deep detoxification procedures that help you in getting your body relieved from harmful toxins and herbal medications to ensure a smooth workflow of reactions that takes place within your body. These therapies, lifestyle, and diet help you in changing the approach of your life and understanding the essential factors of life.

You will experience world-class therapies and an exclusive stay facility when you are visiting this place. Contact them right now to book an appointment and get to enjoy the best services that you wouldn’t have experienced until now.

  • Address: Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre, New Delhi, India
  • Contact No: 9152289098

4.   Arogya Clinic

Arogya Clinic

Arogya Clinic treats the patients who are suffering from severe sexual or anal complications. These complications would include premature ejaculation, low libidos, sperm issues, infertility issues, and many more. Also, there are many anal problems such as piles, fistula, etc. that are also treated in this clinic.

Dr. Madhusudan is one of the prominent ayurvedic specialists and an award-winning sexologist who is based out of Gurgaon, offering incredible services to his patients. He has the right qualifications and experience to deal with any health complications in his specific domain. So, don’t miss this opportunity to get the best treatments that he offers and contact the clinic right now!

  • Address: 59/1 Saroj Tower, Basement Vijaya Bank, (Near Govind Puri Metro Station), New Delhi, India-110019
  • Services: Ayurveda | Panchkarma
  • Contact No: +91 95559 90990

5.   ND Care Nirogam Private Ltd.

Nirogam Ayurveda

Steering in this industry for more than 18 years, ND Care Nirogam Private Ltd. excels in the kind of medications and treatments it offers in Ayurveda. They provide natural solutions that help you to treat chronic health diseases such as HIV, infertility, liver or kidney ailments, cancer, and many more.

They focus on promoting the natural way of healing methodologies by sharing the knowledge of Ayurveda. They have the right kind of expertise in dealing with any dreadful ailments and offer time-tested solutions.

The company is well known amongst the fastest developing business groups across Indian territories and offers a wide range of services to its customers. To know more, you can walk into their clinics or contact them over the phone at any given time.

  • Services: Cancer | Ayurveda | Panchkarma | Dental | Diabetes
  • Address: Guru Gobind Singh Nagar, Near Bata Showroom Majitha Road, Amritsar. (Punjab) 143001,(India)
  • Contact No: +91-172-522-5400

6.   Mekosha Ayurveda Spa Suite Resort

Mekosha Logo

Have you heard about an ayurvedic resort? If not, then it’s time for you to know more about Mekosha Ayurveda Spa Suite Resort that is located in Kerala. It was established in the year 2018 and changed the concept of offering ayurvedic treatments.

They are known for their treatment services that they provide to individuals who are suffering from chronic ailments but in a friendly and informal way. They have a swimming pool in their resort where you can enjoy taking a bath and relax for a reasonable amount of time.

Apart from this, there are skillful and experienced doctors who offer treatment in such a way that you don’t feel leaving the place after the procedure is completed. To know more about the resort, you can visit their official website or connect with them.

  • Services: Ayurveda | Panchkarma | Joints| Yoga | Weight Management | Skin Care
  • Address: Mekosha Ayurveda Spasuites Retreat Melattingal, Near Perenem temple Alamcode PO, Trivandrum, Kerala 695102
  • Contact No: +91 8800688344

7.   Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort

Carnoustie Ayurveda

Similar to that of Mekosha Ayurveda Spa Suited Retreat, Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort offers the same types of services. The luxurious resort comprises of prominent doctors who provide the best treatment to the patients by healing the effects and side-effects of the diseases that they are facing through Ayurveda.

The holistic treatments include Ayurveda, yoga, chanting mantras, and naturopathy. There are a wide range of services that they offer, which provides for detoxifying your body to spa services that you might not have enjoyed before.

As of 2018, the Spa was named as the best Spa and wellness center to promote Ayurveda by the Geo Asia Spa Awards. You can contact them to book an appointment at cheaper and affordable rates, as well as visit their website to know more.

Final Words

These are some of the best ayurvedic centers and doctors who offer their best services in and around India all the time. Now, you can change your approach of using the natural way to treat your diseases and stay away from the harmful chemicals.

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