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10 Best CCTV Camera Brands in India (2020)

CCTV camera brands in India

CCTV cameras are becoming the favorites of both businesses and households for security purposes. The CCTV cameras are one of the important methods to protect your business as well as home from burglars and other unwanted trespassers. Alternatively, you can seek a remedy via this to keep your home secure from intruders even in remote locations.

The CCTV cameras are part of both securities as well as a surveillance mechanism to protect every part of your business. When placed on the strategic location, the cameras act as your eyes around the clock. They provide an optimal level of reliable assistance for keeping a tab on the previous assets of yours.

A CCTV camera for security is a valuable addition to gain an edge over the crucial lapses that may impact the security of your home and office.

Depending on Your Needs, You may Opt For-

The CCTV camera system has important elements of security, tailored to suit the requirements of the client. The new inclusion in the form of wireless cameras record videos that give you live feed on your mobile device and the indoor cameras record via audio-visual method too. However, outdoor cameras need to be weather resistant to aid in long term use.

Here is the list of Best CCTV Cameras for Office and Home

1.  Avtech– Innovation for Video

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  • High sensitivity in the dark environment
  • Effective Range up to 15 Meter
  • White Balance- ATW
  • lens Mount- C/CS Mount changeable

Avtech is a leading manufacturer of home and office security systems. It is listed as one of the best CCTV camera brands in the world. With a huge market presence in the USA and China, the brand is a leading provider of continuing security cameras with hi-tech features. The brand is headquartered in Taiwan.

Being a pioneer among various manufacturers of CCTV cameras, it has become a big name. You can count on their products because they are highly durable and have the ability to work in different environments. Whether it is schools, offices, or home, this brand never disappoints.

  • High functionality
  • SD card backup
  • Longer working life
  • Durability
  • Esquire’s removing the battery for pause
  • Can’t be switched portrait

2. IFITech Wireless Cameras:

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  • 360-degree Rotatable camera
  • Advanced Video Playback Function
  • HD 720P Dual-Stream
  • Vandal-proof

This is the best CCTV camera brand in India for both office and home. The brand’s IFITech C1 lite indoor camera system is one of the leading CCTV camera brands in India. These IFITech foscam wireless security cameras are new editions in this leading brand and also comes with motion detection too.

Using the dedicated app, the data feed can be seen on the desktop or even on the android phone. You can just log in through the official apps and get access to the IFITech camera feed immediately. Talking about its features, this camera brand possesses wide-angle lens including a motion detector along with the optical alerts. Its sleek and alluring casing makes it ideal for surveillance applications.

  • Installation service is not required, it is very easy to set-up
  • In-built motion detection alarm through email
  • Stores recording over SD slot, email and server
  • Night vision up to 10 meters
  • Unable to pair up with secured mobile sim connections
  • Internet configuration can be changed
  • Cannot be used offline

 3. Sricam Indoor and outdoor Camera Range

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  • Motion Detection: Alarms when some motion is detected
  • IR Night Vision
  • Waterproof
  • HD 720P Resolution

If you are looking to invest in this top leading CCTV company in India then it will be a wise choice. The Sricam indoor camera systems are of the best quality and that too at affordable pricing. This camera can be connected with the home WiFi network or LAN system to see the live recording.

Moreover, this brand is known to produce high-quality security cameras with unmatched features. Due to these additional and attractive features, this brand has been receiving numerous accolades all around the world. Their cameras are made to be used in outdoor settings and are highly durable to stay strong in all weather conditions.

  • High price, less maintenance
  • Image frame rate is high-30fps
  • Can be well hidden
  • Supports both Ethernet or Wifi connections
  • The camera setup is not easy.
  • Many times app crashes after a limited distance.
  • Cannot be used outdoors.
  • Connectivity problems sometimes

4. Hikvision

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  • 2MP Display resolution
  • 1080P HD graphics with 25fps
  • Smart IR Night vision
  • Infrared can cover up to 20 meters
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • Has a 360º vision

Hikvision cameras come with sturdy designs that allow capturing the indoor as well as outdoor activities around you. The camera is waterproof with full HD and also allows long-range capturing the images. This camera brand offers the customers a wide variety of choices by incorporating design, special emphasis on image quality, and pricing.

What makes this brand stand out from the rest is because it comes with in-built analytics ability. Super quality and enhanced picture images are one of the added traits of this superb brand. Another trait of this brand is that it is very easy to install even in narrow spaces. So, what are you waiting for? Just make up your mind and buy Hikvision CCTV camera online now!

  • Stable wire connection
  • Weatherproof in harsh conditions
  • High infrared zooming
  • Internal synchronization
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Easily identified because of its bullet shape.
  • Has few blind spots.
  • No app to control it
  • Wifi connection is not available

5. Zicom Camera Systems

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  • Trusted services for implementation
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Intruder Alarm System
  • Fire Alarm System

Zicom is India’s leading security camera system provider. With headquarters in India, the brand is today a global leader in security camera systems. Furthermore, the brand manufactures automatic IR LED lighting capabilities making it the best CCTV camera system for office and home security.

Their cameras also feature a two-way audio slot let’s one talk as well as listen to the other side makes it a perfect baby monitor as well. So trust Zicom to bring innovative solutions to your security needs. Just protect your home, society, or surrounding areas with Zicom’s electronic surveillance and get the peace of mind.

  • Cost efficient product
  • Can be checked in our phone by app
  • Waterproof system
  • Display showing a black screen after a few days of installation
  • Troubleshoot does not accurately support

6. Sony Surveillance Cameras

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  • Horizontal Resolution: 720 TVL
  • Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Real Shot Manager Lite

The best home CCTV system surely comes from the stables of Sony Incorporation. The brand is known to make one of the most popular and renowned CCTV systems of superior quality and also reliability. Further, the brand makes NVR and IP based cameras to protect your home’s interiors and exteriors.

Being a leading CCTV security surveillance provider, Sony has become a big name among its competitors and consumers itself. Likewise, surveillance systems with Ptz and some cameras offer a better choice of cameras that will protect important elements of your property. This brand continuously endeavors to ensure that their products are packed with the latest and innovative technological features.

  • Smartphone compatible
  • Outdoor PTZ Camera
  • Exview Had Ccd Sensor
  • Some products leaves a halo ring @ top right corner
  • Short durability period

7. Panasonic A Better Life, A Better World

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  • Stable Focus In Both Color And B/W Modes
  • Horizontal Resolution: 650 TVL
  • High Sensitivity With Day Night Function

The tag for best quality video CCTV cameras is likewise competed by Panasonic. The brand finds itself in our list of top quality products in HD resolution. It is quite a trusted brand for both indoor as well as outdoors of the home. Further, a trusted brand with a clear HD quality video facility makes it ideal for both home and office use.

The brand manufactures the best CCTV camera for office and home that are designed to provide adequate coverage around the clock. Not only their CCTV cameras are good for surveillance but are amazing tools that continuously monitor your home and business itself. Moreover, it’s 2-way communication features makes it ideal for monitoring various room activities too.

  • Vision type Day & Night
  • Full HD Weatherproof
  • Camera Equipped with IR LED
  • Picture quality is not good
  • Not working with Pro – HD + DVR pi-Hi11108K
  • Have no IP system

8. LG CCTV Camera Solutions

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  • Auto Tone Control
  • Motion Detection
  • Privacy Mask

LG is one of the leading manufacturers of CCTV camera solutions. Their products are a trusted name for home and office support extended to high-grade industrial security solutions as well. The brand offers affordable security options that perfectly cater to the demand of the growing Indian population and their security needs.

Whether it is for your business or residential security needs, LG takes your security to the next level. Moreover, with its exceptional quality of video performance, you will be able to monitor anything. Its portability and hassle-free installation make this CCTV camera brand a sure hit in the security market.

  • Streaming on Motion
  • Video Analytics
  • Defog
  • Cannot connect to Iphone with app
  • Unpleasant customer support

9. Honeywell International Camera Systems

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  • Auto Gain Control
  • Back Light Compensation
  • Resolution TVL600

The Honeywell international security assistance cameras are available as an analog and digital surveillance solutions. The customization facilities for analytics are specially designed to suit your choice as well as security requirements. Being an industry leader, they always emphasize on safety and quality.

The best part of this CCTV brand is that it provides the most reliable and effective identification of potential security threats and keeps you safe at all times. There constant advances in technological developments have shaped the security systems. All in all, the brand offers the best live views as well as experience in comparison to the large variety of security systems available in India.

  • Durable
  • Cost efficient
  • It is vandal proof, 1080p
  • Image quality is a little soft
  • Video resolution limited to 720p

10. Bosch CCTV Camera Solutions

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  • Higher sensitivity at night
  • Color fidelity – improves color reproduction
  • On-screen menu for easy set-up
  • Auto-black – boosts contrast in low visibility or fog

The simple fact that the metro trains are laden with Bosch cameras speaks volumes regarding the quality of the brand and its security range. The price, as well as quality parameters, are carefully considered by the company. Their products are robust and are subjected to rigorous testing that exceeds standards for both performance and quality.

Moreover, the CCTV camera systems are available in the form of the dome camera, PTZ, Bullet, Panorama view as well as fixed designs that are further available in select variants as weatherproof to be used outdoors. This is not all, the brand also gives an impressive portfolio of post-sales service throughout the nation.

  • 2 or more people can simultaneously use the app
  • Easy to set up
  • Video clarity is bad
  • In night vision human eyes look different
  • Does not support RTSP streaming to record to an nvr

11. Dahua CCTV Cameras

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  • HD and SD output switchable
  • OSD Menu, control over coaxial cable

Dahua security solutions are also a leading CCTV company in India also known for its affordable pricing and good products. The company offers affordable NVR and DVR security solutions that are ideal for both home and office. Their products can be accessed easily from multiple sources simultaneously through a dedicated app available for both Android as well as iPhone.

The CCTV camera’s from Dahua efficiently monitor the activity of visitors at your facility. You don’t have to worry at all about what is going on under your roof. In additon to that, these CCTV cameras also act as crime deterrents. Potential threats may be dissuaded because of the fear of getting caught on camera. No wonder this CCTV camera brand is gaining huge popularity.

  • Affordable price
  • High speed
  • Real-time transmission
  • Not working on xvi, ahd, tvi
  • Can’t be connected to phone

12. CP Plus CCTV Cameras

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  • Weatherproof Standard: IP67
  • Dimension : 243.6mm×90.7mm×90.2mm
  • Weight : 0.434Kg

CP Plus is another affordable brand available for home and office security. Its cameras are specifically designed to target every kind of customer base and their budget needs. This makes it one of the best cheap CCTV camera brands available presently in India. With regard to the success of the brand, the highest number of security solutions available online are of the CP Plus.

Their CCTV cameras allow you to watch the live camera feed on your phone or the internet. If you have a 24/7 running business, you can easily monitor and check any activity during your off time or weekends. It is an excellent way to keep your home and business away from intruders.

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Poor quality hard disk
  • No input cable for SMPS
  • Does not support Android

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned were some of the best and cheap CCTV camera brands, that are not in any chronological order. The purpose of this article was to share some of the leading camera brands on the basis of customization, durability, and most importantly better security.

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