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10 Best Chatting Apps in India (2020) Android and iPhone

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Not very far behind, say about a decade ago, who’d have thought that one-to-one communication so far limited to text messaging could take the next big revolutionary step? How many of us actually resort to text messaging today when it comes to sending a message to your loved one? 

Going by global statistics, chatting and instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp have literally killed SMS texting ever since the former’s entry into the market. Today, nearly 30 billion messages are sent over WhatsApp per day, which is about 10 billion more than the total number of SMSes sent globally!

How Chatting Apps in India Have Transformed Private Communication

Until about a few decades ago when mobile phones were first introduced in the international market, SMS was deemed to be a revolution of its kind. You could actually communicate all you wanted to a loved one without the need to spend a huge amount of time or money on calling (mobile calling was far expensive those days). 

Enter today and the whole scenario seems to have taken an entire 360 degree round with the blink of an eye. Instant messaging rules today with the introduction of apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and Line; not to forget our good old’ Skype which has always been one of the most popular chat apps, particularly for video calling, bringing the world a few inches closer.

And then WhatsApp came and made things a bit simpler allowing instant messaging, text chatting, international calling, and video calling – all under a single umbrella! It was as though the world just couldn’t get enough of this revolution that the app brought in the world of one-to-one communication.

In fact, WhatsApp went a step further with the facility of enabling private as well as group chatting all on the same platform. Talk of convenience, eh? Users were only too happy to find a chat app to their absolute liking, which explains why WhatsApp ranks as the top leader among the best chatting apps in India today.

Top 10 Chatting Apps in India

The world loves to chat and they tend to figure out any means of doing so. As people are getting busier by the day, they turn to technology to stay connected with people that matter. Here’s a list of the top 10 chatting apps today that has swept the whole world off its feet in terms of interpersonal communication.

1. WhatsApp Messanger

The undoubted ruler in this industry in use by more than 200 million people across India alone. It is truly one of the best apps for chatting in India.

USP: Instant Messenger (IM) app facilitating sharing of messages, images, and videos, voice and video calling, and audio messaging 

Top stats: Nearly 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries; about 1 million users register on WhatsApp daily 

Year of release 2009
Founder Jan Koum | Brian Acton
Headquarters California, United States

Download Now: Android | iOS

2. Facebook Messenger

Close behind its top leader WhatsApp (also owned by Facebook), Messenger and Messenger Lite by Facebook are highly popular. Figures reported in 2018 suggest that nearly 220 million people in India use Facebook.

USP: Allows chatting with anyone on the internet without the need to friend them (to ensure secure user privacy), audio/video calling, facility to host group video and audio chat

Top stats: As of March 2019, nearly 109 million active users monthly reported in the US, which beats both Snapchat and WhatsApp’s global popularity put together.

Year of release 2011
Headquarters California, United States
Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Download Now: Android | iOS

3. JioChat

Works best for Jio mobile network users, allowing them ease of convenience by offering availability in different Indian languages. Owned by Reliance Industries Ltd., and is among the widely used free chatting apps in India.

USP: Location-sharing and status-sharing features, besides the normal offerings of any other IM app 

Top stats: Surpassed 2 million users in India within 6 months

Year of release 2015
Founder Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani
Headquarters Mumbai, India

Download Now: Android | iOS

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4. Telegram

Telegram was the top choice for people in India even in the ancient days, counting on the reliability of the message being sent faster than a normal letter. And even today, its online counterpart is among the country’s top choices in chatting apps.

USP: Creation of groups with a large number of members; as much as 1 lakh people can be part of a group at a time, faster sharing of large and heavy files, works best even ion highly poor mobile connections, and allows setting up of bots for certain specific tasks

Top stats: As per figures reported from March 2018, Telegram has touched nearly 200 million users every month; the number is expected to go up to 1 billion by 2022.

Year of release 2013
Headquarters Berlin
Founder Pavel Durov

Download Now: Android | iOS

5. Skype

One of the pioneers in the world of online chatting apps in India, the country thanks to the platform for revolutionizing the way people used to communicate before this. A Microsoft-owned venture.

USP: Allows use for conducting interviews, group chatting available, can be used to place calls on mobile phones or landline.

Top stats: Used by more than 10.5 million people across the world, with about 300 million falling under the monthly active users’ category

Year of release 2003
Founder Niklas Zennström | Janus Friis
Headquarters California, United States

Download Now: Android | iOS

6. Hangouts

A Google initiative, this one’s just the best for team communication at work. 

USP: Enables direct messaging to team chat rooms, provides an integrated platform allowing team communication highly efficient and convenient, best app for group messaging and G Suite file-sharing such as google docs, slides, and sheets for work

Top stats: Hangouts may not be as popular as WhatsApp but the app is one of the top favorites at most workplaces.

Year of release 2013
Founder Sergey Brin
Headquarters California, United States

Download Now: Android | iOS

7. Viber

Before WhatsApp happened to the world as “the” app for communication, the latter was busy getting amazed at the unique features of a chat app that facilitated text messaging, exchange of pictures and videos, and voice and video calling.

USP: Performance of the app is independent of the speed of the network to which the phone is connected, enables sharing of larger files, audio/video conferencing available at the best-quality video and sound.

Top stats: Viber has been used in at least 193 countries, about 30% of its users send stickers through the app platform every day.

Year of release 2010
Founder Talmon Marco
Headquarters London

Download Now: Android | iOS

8. Line

Another excellent chatting app option for online users, making communication possible with nearly 200 people at the same time!

USP: Simultaneous communication with a large group, Poll feature enabling users to choose a perfect place to dine or hang out with friends, audio and video calling

Top stats: About 217 million active users subscribe to the app monthly across the world

Year of release 2011
Founder Lee Hae-jin
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

Download Now: Android | iOS

9. Hike Messenger

A chatting app from India available in about 40 different Indian languages.

USP: Comes with a range of at least 20,000 default and pre-loaded stickers, instant access to live cricket scores, news updates, and the Poll feature providing reviews on several places in India as suggested by Hike users.

Top stats: Used by more than 100 million Indian users 

Year of release 2012
Founder Kavin Mittal

Download Now: Android | iOS

10. WeChat

The last on our list of top chatting apps in India, WeChat is popularly used by those who don’t have a much stable-working internet connection; works fairly well on even 2G and 3G networks.

USP: Instant messaging, voice and video calling feature, sharing of live videos, images, and documents.

Top Stats: As of Jan 2019, nearly 1 billion daily active users were reported on the platform; the app is also the 5th most-used app in the world.

Year of release 2011
Founder Allen Zhang
Headquarters Guangdong, China

Download Now: Android | iOS

Why are Chatting Apps So Popular?

The above list of top chatting apps leads us to often wonder why chatting apps have found such immense and rapid popularity among online users. This is what we could find out:

  • Little would people have thought that an app could allow them to send texts, make voice calls, record and send voice messages, make video calls, and share images, documents, and user location – all at once! Chatting apps made a living reality.
  • They’re one of the best ways today to stay in touch, especially with those loved ones outside your home country, where SMS or other means would prove unnecessarily costlier.
  • They usually work on most online platforms – higher the number of devices, more the popularity.
  • Expanding feature set – Chatting apps keep improvising on their features to offer their users maximum benefits and convenience, all at affordable costs.
  • Saves time – Chatting apps brought what the world needed the most – a way to save and manage time better. IM or instant messaging made this possible.

Lesser-Known Chatting Apps 

The list in this post covers most of the top leaders in the chatting industry that we’re all well familiar with. However, it’s not comprehensive; there are many others which may have not made big names for themselves in the market but are a sure try nonetheless:

  • Signal – An offering of Open Whisper Systems, the app is currently available on Android and iOS. Like WhatsApp, Signal to promises high-level privacy for users, guaranteeing end-to-end encryption services.
  • Bleep – The messaging app from BitTorrent, an excellent feature for those highly concerned about data privacy. Unlike other chatting apps, Bleep offers peer-to-peer messaging options.
  • Wickr – It comes with a two-tier service for its users – the Wickr Messenger for regular chatting and Wickr Professional for more secure office chats.

Summing Up

Chatting and instant messaging services have truly transformed the world interacts with each other today. And with features like audio and video calls, it’s as good as facing the person and chatting them up for hours together. Distance doesn’t matter; the world has shrunk up and entered your living/bedroom. 

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