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Top 10 Best Shirt Brands in India (2020) for Men

The shirt is such an exquisite piece of clothing that can make anybody win the title for the ‘Most Handsome Man in the World’. What saree is to women, the shirt is to men. Such grace and elegance, they truly complete a man’s personality. And the best part is, they can team up with anything and still look great on every occasion.

While a pair of formal shirt and trousers is always classic wear when you want to make a statement, shirts are ideal for casual wear too. Just team them up with a pair of jeans and you’re ready for an office outing or after-work party.

You can even try them with a pair of shorts for a more casual sporty look on a beach holiday. Not only would it look cool on a hot sunny day but also keep you comfortable in the heat.

Speaking of comfort, most men resist wearing shirts because they feel long sleeves would make them feel uncomfortable, or that the thick fabric of a formal shirt would not be an ideal choice for a long day out, or some are even conscious of standing apart from the crowd all decked up in formals.

Here’s a simple solution to all of the above. You can pick a shirt in the fabric, colour, and pattern of your choice to gel it well with the occasion in question. There are tons of varieties available from different brands the world over.

Here we list out the top shirt brands in India to help you make an informed and handsome choice that is sure to make heads roll wherever you go.

1. John Players

John Players Shirts

This has to be the best formal shirt brands in India running successfully for more than a decade in the men’s formal wear market. Owned by ITC, the brand is renowned for superior quality fabric at competitive prices.

The shirts come in both regular and slim fits with S, M, L, XL, and XXL sizes. There’s a whole range of unique patterns as well to suit men of all ages and tastes. Some examples include chevron, checkered, colour blocked, geometric prints, graphic prints, self-design, stripes, and woven. John Players was ranked 5thby Brand Equity in the list of ‘most exciting brands’ in 2014.

2. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe Shirts

Serving the men’s formal shirt industry since 1989, the company is the most loved by men of all age groups when it comes to choosing classy clothing for special occasions.

Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Group, along with Madura Fashion together own the brand which was known to be of the biggest apparel brands in the country as per 2013 figures.

Available in all sizes and fits, the shirts come in varying fabrics for extreme comfort – cotton, cotton linen, and cotton-polyester blend, linen, and Lyocell being the most popular among men. Solids and checkered designs are the top favorites for all occasions. The shirts generally come in full sleeves and slim fits only.

3. Roadster:

Roadster Shirts

Extremely well-known for being the best casual shirt brands in India, Roadster is a particular favourite among the youth. Going by the brand name, the products on offer are just ideal to slip on and hit the road. Along with the best styling, the prices too are quite reasonable.

The brand was originated by Myntra and has been going strong in the casual shirts market since then. An ideal choice for online shoppers looking for the latest value-for-money style.

The shirts come in cotton and linen and offer a variety of patterns such as dyed, military camouflage, printed, solid, and striped. You can choose from full-sleeved ones or even half-sleeve, roll-up sleeve, and short sleeves for maximum comfort. The shirt fitting is usually regular, slim, and tailored to suit your taste.

4. Ajio

Ajio Shirts

A product offering by the renowned Reliance Industries, Ajio is known for some amazing up-to-date styles and fits for the modern man of today. To add to the joy of buying is the extremely cheap prices these shirts come at, very easy on any pocket.

Ajio is essentially a standalone lifestyle brand available online and its products can only be purchased on its official website. This makes the brand offerings truly exclusive.

The variety too is unconceivable. The fabric ranges from Chambray and Corduroy to cotton, denim, Dobby, linen, polyester, and Poplin, Twill, and Viscose, you’ll never fall short of choice at Ajio shirts.

This is why it’s earned repute for being the best shirt fabric brands in India. You can choose from 3/4th, full-length, short, sleeveless, and stylised sleeve styles along with classic, shacket, and stylised fits too.

5. Raymond

Raymonds Shirts

One of the oldest shirt brands in the Indian formal wear market for men, Raymond has been in operation since 1925. Its shirts are an epitome of elegance and richness, adorning men for the best of occasions in the best manner possible.

Raymond’s classic white shirts are extremely popular for business meetings, conferences, interviews, or any formal gathering. This is why the brand has earned a name among the male population for being the best white shirt brands in India.

The designs, patterns, and fabrics are all tailor-made to give you a complete executive look at your workplace. They come in both full and half sleeves and provide regular, slim, and tailored fits for all corporate settings.

6. Indian Terrain

Indian Terrain Shirts

A relatively newer firm that commenced operations in 2000 and later became an independent brand by 2010. The brand also launched a unique sub-brand by the name of “Indian Terrain Boy” especially meant for boys aged 4-16 years.

As such, you’ll find a host of boys clothing such as T-shirts, trousers, jeans, blazers, sweaters, and jackets for all kinds of weathers and occasions. The main brand to offers both casual and formal styling for men of all ages.

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Shirts

An American brand that fast made its place in the Indian market ever since its introduction. Though the offerings are a bit on the higher side, they’re still loved by a majority of the audience because of its superior-quality fabric and international styles.

The brand is a part of Philips Van Heusen that also owns another famous menswear brand, Van Heusen. Besides offering readymade shirts, Tommy Hilfiger also offers tailor-made choices in another of its brands called Tommy Hilfiger Tailored.

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8. Blackberry

Blackberry Shirts

This is one of the best shirt brands in India if you’re looking for some classy suits and blazers teamed up with great-looking shirts for a perfect look at a formal evening. An Indian brand that started operations in 1991, Blackberry is a part of Mohan Co. Pvt Ltd.

9. Arrow

Arrow Shirts

Another of the very old brands in formal men’s wear, Arrow was conceived in 1851 and is a part of Philips Van Heusen Corporation.

Arrow was born out of a simple but intelligent idea applied by a housewife named Hannah Montague, who would detach the collars from his husband’s shirts to facilitate better and easier cleaning. The same idea was then applied back in 1851 when the brand came into existence.

10. Allen Solly

Allen Solly shirts

Another brand belonging to the Lifestyle and Madura Fashion group, Allen Solly is one of the fastest moving shirt brands in the Indian market. Extremely affordable for all pocket sizes, this is one of the best options for those looking for style combined with comfort and great value for money.

11. Marks & Spence

Marks & Spence Shirts

One of the best places to go for denim casual shirts that look good, whatever may be the reason. Plus, check out their formal wear too, both online and at retail stores.

12. U.S. Polo

U.S. Polo Shirts

If you’re looking for some elegant shirts at affordable prices, this is the brand to go for. You’ll be spoiled for choice with huge variety in fabric, patterns, and types of shirts available here.

Whatever be the occasion, you’re sure to find something decent and graceful at US Polo. The brand has several stores within the country, though the rates are more competitive online.

13. Peter England

Peter England Shirts

The last on our list of top shirt brands in India is Peter England, the king of formal clothing for men since decades. Though the name sounds foreign, it’s actually an Indian company and a part of the Aditya Birla Group.

Their formal shirts collection for men is to die for; you’ll simply go crazy at the variety and quality of fabric on offer. The brand has earned considerable repute in the market ever since its inception and has outlets in most cities across India.

Type of Shirts to Choose for Different Occasions For Men

So many shirt brands to choose from but has anyone ever told you what type of shirt to wear on what occasion? Seldom do we get invites with bar codes instructed in advance, but besides those occasional references, we often find ourselves in dilemma about the best wear for the special day.

Here’s a short guide on what goes best on different occasions. The brand matters but what you wear (and how appropriate it looks at the occasion) matters even more.

1. Smart Casual

This implies all your trousers and corduroys nicely teamed up with a collar shirt and loafers. Ideal wear for office parties, business lunches, and team outings.

2. Business Casual

A classic button-down or polo shirt worn with khaki or dress pants would never fail to make an impression in a business setting. You may choose to add on a V-neck sweater or blazer, or even a tie if you’re comfortable.

3. Cocktail Wear

If you so desire, go for a dark-shaded suit, coat and tie, or keep it slightly casual with dark-coloured jeans and a jacket and tie. But you’ll need to find out first if the event is casual.

Mostly acceptable at birthday parties of co-workers and similar evening social events.

4. Wedding Attire

Men always look great in tuxedos at such occasions, mostly dark suits with dark-shade party shoes.

5. Interview Dressing

You can never go wrong with a dark formal suit here. It’s been the acceptable norm since centuries and is still widely accepted and preferred across continents.

Don’t over-accessorise but wear a watch for sure; it shows that you value time – a great quality trait at a time when you’re being judged by a panel.

6. Funeral

Contrary to popular belief, black is only the colour to be worn if you’re in mourning. But if you’re attending the funeral of an acquaintance, you need not necessarily go in for black. A dark or neutral suit and tie would never go wrong here. Again, make sure that the suit is nowhere close to being festive for the occasion.

7. Graduation Party

Most students don’t pay much attention to choosing a dress for their graduation ceremonies, considering that it anyway would be hidden under the customary black graduation robe.

Remember that your trousers, shoes, and socks would still be visible and so it’s important to dress neatly and carefully. A classic Oxford shirt looks best on such occasions, teamed up with formal trousers and well-polished formal shoes.

8. Black Tie

A small but classic piece of clothing which should never be over or misused. It’s important to understand when to wear a black tie. Ideally, it’s a mandatory wear on most formal dinner events or sophisticated evening gatherings.

The black-tie would go well with a black or midnight blue tuxedo, complete with a white, crinkle-free, well-ironed formal shirt. Wear a black bow tie and couple it up with a black coat or waistcoat.


Dressing up is an art. You can get as creative as you wish but just remember the time, occasion, and crowd you’re going to be a part of. Dress up smartly and in tune with the demands of the occasion.

Branded shirts are the best choice for any formal event – they’re high on fabric quality, best in designs and never fail to make a lasting first impression.

The list detailed in this article tries to cover up the best brands in India for men’s formal shirts. It may not be as expansive but it gives a fair idea about the most reliable brands in the Indian market since decades.

Always choose your shirt brand carefully because your brand reflects who you are and is intended to enhance your overall personality. You may want to read up reviews before purchasing it online so that you don’t go wrong with what you buy and get the best value for your money. Dress smart, dress right, and get set to make heads turn wherever you go.

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