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Top 10 Best Sunglass Brands in India (2020)

Sunglass Brands in India

Come summer and the search for sunglasses begins. Shades, as most people like to call them, are quite popular among people of all age groups. They come in different designs, styles, and even funky colored glasses to make them look extra trendy and cool. There’s one for every age, size, and style preference. 

Stylish as they may look, sunglasses need to be carefully chosen as well, for the simple reason that they are used for your eyes, the most delicate and sensitive part of your body. This is why always rely on high-quality sunglasses brands that offer extreme comfort and sun protection besides being a style statement too. 

Why Do We Need Sunglasses?

We all understand that sunshades are essential to help protect our eyes against the glaring sun. Here are some more vital reasons why it’s important to always carry one with you when you step out –

  1. For protection against UV rays
  2. For protection against foreign 
  3. Protection against skin cancer 
  4. Protection against Cataract 
  5. Protection from snow 

Best Sunglass Brands in India

Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the top brands highly liked in the Indian market to help you choose the best for your eyewear:

1. Ray-Ban

A world’s top-most brand that been in the market for way too long to be introduced formally. The brand is known for its quality and styling. These are what makes it stand apart from many other renowned eyewear brands. Ray-Ban offers smart and uniquely styled eyewear.

Undoubtedly the most popular sunglasses brands in India made its mark in the Indian market with its most popular sunglasses designs such as Aviators, Wayfarers, and Clubmasters. A brand preferred by men and women of all ages the world over, these sunglasses maybe a little on the higher side in terms of cost, but their bold colors and strong, flexible and light frames make them worth a buy for the long run.

2. Fastrack

The brand offers sunglasses that are both fashionable and affordable. It extended its footsteps into multiple accessories in 2009. The brand retails across the nation in over 79 cities as well as authorized multi-brand outlets. They sell online too. Nowadays, the brand has effectively notched up the title of being the most appreciated youth fashion brand in the country.

Close behind Ray-Ban is Fastrack, the next big brand in the sunglasses market. High in quality, strong inbuilt and immensely popular in design so that they’re loved by teens and young adults alike.

What’s more, these sunglasses are easily affordable too and considering that they’re a product of the well-renowned Titan Group of Industries, they’re well worth the price. Style range includes Aviator, Cat Eye, Oval, Oversized, Rectangular, Sports, Wrap Around and Wayfarer.

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3. Polaroid

Another classic example of great quality offered at decently affordable prices, a Polaroid range of sunglasses is available for everyone – men, women, girls, and boys. The glasses are designed to suit every Indian pocket, offer great protection to the eyes against sun rays, and are available in a host of colors and shapes to suit different tastes.

Design examples include Aviator, Oval, Oversized, Rectangular, Spectacle Sunglass, Sports, Wrap Around, and Wayfarer. True to its name, the Polaroid brand uses thermo-fusion technology that helps improve clarity in vision, making distant objects appear clearer. They also prevent UV damage to the eyes.

4. Velocity

The brand mainly appeals to those looking to stand out from the crowd. Their designs are trendy and up-to-date, the sunglasses are fiber-manufactured and lightweight too. All the reasons you’d want to lay your hands on them; easily available both online and offline retail stores.

What’s more, they come in polarised lenses to protect against sun glare. The brand offers a range of stylish frames with bright colors. What’s fascinating for the youth is that the lens can be interchanged to go with different looks! And, this in a way means higher cost to the customer; they’re extremely affordable and long-lasting too.


The brand of GEN NEXT, IDEE eyewear offers products that look cool, confident, and set the wearer apart from the crowd. Available for both young men and women, it’s got a unique signature of individualism imbibed in its designs. The brand came into existence in 2000 under the foundation of Ronak Optik India Pvt. Ltd.

The best part about IDEE is that they’re affordable, highly stylish, extremely lightweight too. What more could you ask for in a pair? One of Amazon’s bestsellers, IDEE sunglasses come in a wide range of styles for different choices. All the glasses are fitted with a polarised lens to improve image quality. Generally ranging between Rs.1,000-Rs 3,000, they’re definitely not to be missed at this price.

6. Calvin Klein

Running since 1968 under the leadership of the international fashion leader, Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz, CK sunglasses has evolved into a high-street global lifestyle brand today. Its designs can be identified as bold, progressive, slightly seductive, and often minimal and aesthetic too. Highly popular in the Indian market now, CK sunglasses are widely liked by men and women alike.

Some of its most popular styles include Aviator, Cat Eye, Oval, Oversized, and Rectangular. Slightly higher on price though; generally comes only within the Rs. 4,000/- and above the range of sunglasses but worth a buy for the style and comfort offered. Available in small, medium and large sizes to suit all needs.

7. Oakley

Yet another eyewear brand that exemplifies the spirit of the youth, Oakley is generally preferred by sportsperson and athletes. The company has popularised the use of vintage frames and motorbike frames in India. Classy and stylish, trendy and affordable, comfortable and protective, the brand is associated with all these qualities and many more.

Generally preferred by sportsperson and athletes, the brand makes use of the latest technology in framing each piece. The most popular designs include vintage frames and motorbike frames.

Classy and stylish, trendy and affordable, you wouldn’t want to miss them at any cost. Besides, they’re comfortable and protective too. A must buy for all bikers. Specially designed for strength, they guarantee toughness and wouldn’t break on falling.

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8. Joe Black

Going by the tagline “Wear  Your Style”, Joe Black sunglasses rank well on several retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The brand is renowned for its exclusive collection of dark black sunglasses which personify a unique fashion sense and are a rave among the youth.

The brand ranks well online on a number of commercial retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Known for their versatile-framed Aviators that offer a different look with each frame and make you want them for every occasion. The sunglasses are carefully designed to offer absolute UV protection against skin cancer and wrinkles around the eye area.

9. Flying Machine

A fashion destination for the up to date Indian who seeks genuine brand experiences. This popular retail brand offers a great variety in its sunglasses catalog too. The brand is dedicated to creating a highly personalized fashion experience.

Its Fahrenheit Aviators are particularly admired by the young audience. Affordable, stylish, and comfortable, Flying Machine sunglasses are ideal for both men and women looking for good looks in the price range of Rs. 600-Rs. 2,000/- The brand offers a nice variety in its lens range too – from Gradient and Polarized to anti- UV, pick and choose all you like at pocket-friendly rates.

10. Gucci

The brand is reinventing a completely modern approach to fashion. Gucci is known to be influential, ground-breaking and progressive, After leaving an exclusive imprint in the bags retail industry, Gucci, part of the Kering Group, an international leader in apparel and accessories, now brings its premium range of stylish sunglasses.

How to Choose a Pair of Branded Sunglasses? 

Now that we know that sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory, it’s also important to note that buying branded ones always pays off well in the long run.

They may be costlier but they couldn’t be more expensive and valuable than your eyes – nature’s most beautiful gift to you. There are tons of local substitutes available in the market but they only work as a fashion accessory; not as an eye protector. 

Here we list out the top things to consider while buying sunglasses so that you always get the best: 

1. Don’t compromise; stick only to 100%

The good branded ones will usually come with a sticker or tag attached, stating that the sunglasses have been tested to block UV by a full 100%. Buy them without a doubt. Sometimes the salesman might want to convince you into buying one which offers 80-90% protection, in the absence of branded ones; however, don’t settle in for anything cheaper. It isn’t worth your eye. 

2. Forget style; bigger is better for you

Compact, thin-design sunglasses may look trendy but they aren’t good for your eyes in the long run. Dust, wind, sun’s UV rays, and any other foreign element can easily enter your eye from the bottom uncovered part. Therefore, always choose sunglasses that are bigger and cover your eyes almost fully – from the base to the top to leave no scope for any foreign entry. 

3. Branded doesn’t mean costly

It might be wrong to assume that top branded sunglasses are always unaffordable. There are a couple of good brands that are equally light on the pocket too. Besides, certain less-expensive pairs are equally good at blocking UV rays; some of them come with the 100% UV-block tag too.  

4. Colour doesn’t always matter

Some people prefer to go for darker shades in the hope that they’d protect them better against strong sunlight. The truth is that the darker lens doesn’t always provide better protection against UV by cutting down on the sun’s glare.

Dark shades might look more cool and trendy but it doesn’t mean better protection than other normal-hued lenses. Also, polarised lenses help reduce sun glare but do not offer stronger protection against UV. 

5. Your eyes are the priority

Whatever sunglasses you choose, eye protection and eye health should be the top priority, whatsoever. Style, colors, trendy designs – all can and must take a backseat when it comes to buying sunglasses. This is because if they are stylish and classy but not really good for your eyes in terms of UV protection, they don’t necessarily serve their purpose, do they? 

To Sum Up

Sunglasses were initially looked at as eye protectors and gradually they made their way into the fashion-accessory industry. There’s no problem treating them like a style statement but their very basic purpose shouldn’t get lost en route –protecting the eyes against the hard blows of the sun. Choose the right brand!

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