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Top 10 Most Popular Ice Cream Brands in India (2020)

Best Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream!! The name itself congers up visions of sorbets, hot fudge sundaes, and ice cream cones. After all, what could be better in summers than delicious ice cream? It doesn’t matter if you simply want to enjoy cool moments with your family or want to treat yourself or friends.

Whatever be the reasons, an ice cream cheers up your mind and is something that works wonders. It is not just a seasonal delight in India, with summers getting warmer and winters milder. The inclusion of many Indian ice cream brands has only enhanced its consumption over the years.

Do you know what is sure to boost everyone’s spirit? An excellent bar or scoop of ice cream. Do you enjoy different ice cream flavors? Or easily get bored by consuming the same ice cream every time.

Then here is a comprehensive list of the best ice cream brands in India, that are making hot favorites for 2019.

1. Mother Dairy:

Mother Diary Logo

It won’t be fair if Mother Dairy isn’t included in this Indian ice cream name list. This reputed brand is basically owned by an Indian government organization, NDDB (National Dairy Development Board).

To remind you, Mother Dairy is one of the single highest producers of milk-based products with nationwide operations in India. And talking about their ice creams, then they make tasty ice creams including specialty ice creams available across the country.

Head-Quarter: Noida

Turnover: 7850 Crore

Founded: 1974

No. of Employees: 3500

Social Platforms: Facebook| Instagram

2. Amul– The Taste of India:

Amul The Taste of india Logo

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Amul is the most popular ice cream brand in India. Being a Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, it is a brainchild of some of the main freedom fighters of India. Moreover, this brand is also made at many plants in this country under the same name Amul.

Head-Quarter: Anand, Gujrat

Turnover: 33,150 Crore

Founded: 14 December, 1946

“Real milk. Real ice cream”

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram| You-Tube| Linkedin

3. Vadilal:

Vadilal Group Logo

Vadilal itself is the owner of this eponymous brand of ice creams. Being such a big name, no wonder it deserves the accolade as one of the pioneers of this country’s ice cream industry.

Vadilal Industries first started as a small scale soda manufacturer in the year 1907. Its founder Vadilal Gandhi began to manufacture ice creams and his successors grew over the business over the century to make it one of the most sought after manufacturers of Indian ice cream brand.

Head-Quarter: Ahmedabad

Turnover: 750 to 850 Crore

No. of Employees: 1000

“Nothing but goodness”

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| You-Tube

 4. Dinshaw’s:

Dinshaws Logo

It won’t be wrong to say that the pioneer of India’s homegrown ice cream industry is Dinshaw’s. Two siblings named Dinshaw and Eruchshaw Rana launched this brand of ice creams way back in the year 1932.

It continues to hold the position of being a handcrafted ice cream manufacturer. Over the course of time, it still ranks among the super premier brands of exclusive ice creams in India.

Although the ever-increasing demand in the ice cream market in India, the brand is mass-producing. And continues to maintain its tradition of making high quality and premium products with raw materials.

Head-Quarter: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Estimate Turnover: 2000 Crore

Social Platform: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram| You-Tube

5. Hangyo:

Hangyo Ice cream Logo

It is a popular brand ice cream brand available across various parts of India. The brand made by an eponymous subsidiary of Karnataka based dairy products, also known as SMMP (Srikrishna Milk & Milk Products).

Hangyo first started as a small unit in Yellapur district of Karnataka and has consistently expanded its operations all across the state ever since. Good milk quality including different flavors has made it a famous brand of ice cream in Karnataka.

In addition to that, Hangyo is also made at many locations across India and is growing exponentially indigenous ice cream brands.

Head-Quarter: Mangaluru, Karnataka

Estimate Turnover: 100 Crore

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| LinkedIn

6. Baskin Robbins:

Baskin Robbins Ice CreamLogo

Although being a global brand, Baskin Robbins came into existence in the year 1993 in India with the Traviss Group which was a joint venture. Did you know that Baskin Robbins made history by starting a manufacturing unit in the city of Pune, thereby becoming the first-ever company to be operated outside North America?

Over the years, it has become one of the international ice cream brands in India and is available through numerous parlors located in major cities and growing towns too.

Head-Quarter: Canton, Massachusetts, United States

Estimate Turnover: 47.42 Million US Dollars

Founded: 1945

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram

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7. Cream Bell

Cream Bell Ice Cream Logo

This is yet another premium quality ice cream brand in India. It has been continuing to delight the taste buds of numerous people in the country, especially with its refreshing ice cream palates as well as exotic traditional nature.

Every ingredient used in the product goes through quality control before reaching the user. The brand not only focuses on maintaining its tempting taste but also on its packaging in order to allure more consumers.

Head-Quarter: Gurugram

Estimate Turnover: 1.4 Billion Dollars

Social Platforms: Facebook| You Tube

8. Top n Town

Top n town Ice Cream Logo

Since its origin from Bhopal, it has been satisfying the taste buds of the consumers. Moreover, Top n towns have their dealership networks in many states that also include-UP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, etc.

Top n towns have also become one of the leading vegetarian ice cream brands in India. The brand claims that its outer packaging quality has been one of the main contributing factors of their ever-growing customer experience.

Head-Quarter: Bhopal

Estimate Turnover: 6.94K Dollars

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| You-Tube| Instagram

9. Giani’s

Giani Ice cream Logo

Started as a traditional shop of sweets in Old Delhi, Giani soon became a popular brand and now is the first choice of ice cream destination. Its product comes in a variety of flavors that is both of superior quality and at the most cost-effective pricing.

Various ice-cream palates at this brand’s parlors as per the seasonal availability that also includes the following- vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, blueberry, butterscotch, and many others.

Head-Quarter: Gurugram

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram

10. Haagen-Dazs

Haagen Dazs Ice cream Logo

It is an American brand which is available through its eponyms parlors in India. As an ice cream brand, it is very famous among the ice cream lovers across the country and you can find various unique flavors that are only offered by Haagen-Dazs. Talking about the brands signature collection consists of must-have ice creams for each & every aficionado.

Head-Quarter: Chandigarh

Estimate Turnover: 477.1 Million US Dollars

“Pleasure is a path to joy”

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram

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11. Hindustan Unilever Brands (HUL)

Hindustan Unilever Limted Logo

Hindustan Unilever Brands comes in one of the topmost ice cream brands in India. These are in fact the internationally acclaimed brands which are as follows-

  • Magnum:

Being a brand of ice cream specialties from Italy, it is manufactured in India by Hindustan Unilever. Numerous individual in the country love this delight and its range consists of crispy wafers which are coated in chocolate and frozen with the ice cream.

  • Havmor:

Since the partition of the Indian subcontinent, Havmor finds its roots in the erstwhile British rulers. It was launched in 1944 in Karachi by an independent entrepreneur named Satish Chona. Today this ice cream brand popularity has reached the biggest heights and become respected all over India.

Head-Quarter: Mumbai

Estimate Turnover: 34,487 Crore

“A treat for every occasion”

Social Platforms: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram| You-Tube

Which ice cream is better, Amul, Havmor, Mother Dairy, Hangyo, or others?

Well, there is no exact answer to that question. All of these ice cream brands hit the bulls-eye when it comes to quality ingredients, delicious taste, packaging claims, and nutritional value. 

The question can also be put in another way i.e. what should you look for when choosing an ice cream brand?

So, when you are in a supermarket scanning the aisles, then follow these few but important tips-

Choose single-serve Indulgences

Did you know that the best way to treat yourself is to avoid diet ice creams? Instead, you can choose single servings that would be more satisfying too.


Let us be frank that ice creams don’t come in the list of healthy foods. Especially, if you are on a serious diet, then it won’t be a good idea to consume ice cream. But still, you would’ve seen People eating ice creams even on a diet. So,

  Does this mean there is healthy ice cream? 

The answer is YES! Keeping in view of that the people on a diet strictly avoid having ice creams, the producers nowadays make ice creams which are free from any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colors.

Although it is still not recommended to consume these ice creams, what is the harm in satisfying your taste buds once in a while (add smiley licking if possible).

Ignore lame product claims

Nowadays, you will find various ice cream brands other than the aforementioned. And most of them may sound too good to be true. In this situation, it is probably a marketing fluff and not worth it by any means.  


Perhaps one of the major factors in buying any goods, about 50% of the consumer’s mind about the pricing. When pricing, it is essential to consider your location along with the ingredients of your ice cream.

In addition to that, the ice cream production companies are advised to increase the quality of their products by removing certain ingredients which don’t have any nutritional value.

Moreover, you will be quite surprised by those consumers who opt for much healthier options no matter the pricing. 

Stay hydrated before you pounce upon

We often confuse thirst for hunger, especially when it is hot out. And the first item that comes in our mind is ice cream. So, before you reach for the freezer, have a glass of water first whenever you feel parched. 

Whether you choose Hangyo, Mother dairy or any other ice cream brand for that matter, the first thing to do is look for the above-mentioned tips. And when you have made up your mind, have ice cream of your choice and enjoy.

Unorganized Ice Cream Sector of India

Apart from the above-mentioned ice cream brands in India, there are several others that are unorganized. These flourish as micro, small & medium scale enterprises. Some independent business persons make ice creams at homes such as the ever-favorite Kulfi out of handcrafts.

Ice creams which are manufactured by these sectors have a huge market too. You can easily find these tasty ice creams sourced from small independent manufacturers at many events.

Well after reading this article on these tastier and delightful ice cream brands, a question may or may not arise in your mind.

Is ice cream good for your Health?

Let us better answer this question by reminding ourselves that excess of everything is bad. You may have a craving for any frozen treat, but it may not be a good thing to consume large amounts.

Yet it is possible to enjoy these delicious treats at least now and then, guilt-free. Just enjoy these in limited amounts and you are good.

Having half of ice cream cup can also be worked into a healthy day of eating. Just enjoy it with your friends and focus on its rich flavors and sensory properties too.

To Conclude:

Hopefully, this article would have given you sufficient knowledge about the best ice cream brands in India. Surely you will be able to make the best choice while enjoying a cone, or cup with your loved ones.

While it is suggested to try each & every ice cream brand, but also do try those made by the small/medium scale unorganized units too. The point is to enjoy these sweet delicacies and satiate your appetite after the meals get lasting contentment for your tummy.

Which One brand Ice cream You like the Most?
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