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List of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India (2020)

Pharmaceutical Companies in India

India has strong dominance in the global generic drugs market and is the largest producer of the same in the world.

Talking about global medicine demands, India manufactures over 50 percent including 40 percent in the US and approximately 25 percent in the UK. It is just a matter of time when India will eventually steer the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and will rise exponentially.

Present Scenario of Pharma Companies in India

There are more than 200 operational pharmaceutical companies in India that account for more than 65 percent of the share market.

More than 7500 small scale industries flourish in India and mainly supply OTC (Over-The-Counter) medicines. These medications are used to treat common conditions such as common colds or fever.

In addition to that, India has the world leader of Drug Master Files (DMFs) applications with the United States. Not only that, but it is also the 2nd largest number of ANDAs (Abbreviated New Drug Applications).

Further delving into this article, we will take a glance at the topmost pharmaceutical companies in India that are driving the best healthcare in this country. Remind you that these pharma companies are sorted on the basis of net profit, revenues, total assets, and market capitalization.

1. Cadila Healthcare

Cadila Healthcare Logo

Cadila Healthcare is the largest pharma company in India that is headquartered in Ahmedabad. It was founded in 1952 by Ramanbhai Patel and has become the largest pharmaceutical company in India.

The facts are true if we take into account the revenue, profits, and market cap. Formerly a lecturer in the LM College of Pharmacy, Mr. Ramanbhai Patel with his business partner Indravadan Modi founded the firm. Ever since its evolution, it has matured and become an established pharmaceutical company in India.

In addition to this, it has got ten manufacturing plants across the country at different locations which include- Navi Mumbai, Ankleshwar, Changodar, Goa, Vatva, Baddi, Dabhasa, Vadodara, Dabhasa, and Patalganga. Moreover, the company also acquired Brazilian pharma and German Pharma firm.

  • CEO: Pankaj Patel
  • Net Profit: ₹1,090 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹5,800 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹37,136 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹10,397 Crores


cipla Logo

If anyone is known as a high growth pharma companies in India, then it would surely be CIPLA (Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories). Being headquartered in Mumbai since 1935, it has become the best pharmaceutical company in the country.

The firm develops medicines in order to treat various diseases such as- depression, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and other chronic diseases.

Khwaja Abdul Hamied was the founder of this pharmaceutical company. It has acquired Cipla-Medpro in the year 2013, which is a South African pharma company, and at present uses it as a subsidiary.

In addition to that, the revenue of this pharma company contributes to more than 48 percent. Situated at more than 7 locations in India, it has approximately 34 manufacturing units too including 22k employees. No wonder it counts as one of the best pharma companies in India.

  • CEO: Umang Vohra
  • Net Profit: ₹1,468 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹11,444 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹49,204 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹14,287 Crores

3. Torrent Pharma

Torrent Pharma is one of the best companies that has made its way into this list. It is an Ahmedabad based firm that manufactures medicinal drugs for the central nervous system (CNS), gastrointestinal, pain management, gastrointestinal, diabetology, and anti-infective segments.

This leading pharmaceutical company has a manufacturing plant at Dahej, Gujarat Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. On each in at Baddi, Indrad, Himachal Pradesh, and Rang-Po, Sikkim.

Talking about the subsidiaries, then this pharma company has in the United States, Russia, Canada, Germany, Brazil, and the Philippines.

  • CEO: Samir Mehta
  • Net Profit: ₹482.00 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹4,248.00 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹27,466 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹9,708 Crores

4. Dr. Reddys Labs

Dr Reddys logo

The pharmaceutical company was founded in 1984 by Anji Reddy. And ever since its evolution, it comes in the top 10 pharma companies in India 2018 by revenue generation. Being a Hyderabad based company, it manufactures more than 180 medicines and over 50 active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Mr. Anji Reddy had previously worked at IDP (Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited). What initially began as a drug supplier manufacturer soon started to export to various other unregulated markets.

Dr. Reddy Laboratories was named among India’s top 1200 most trusted pharmaceutical brand according to the Brand Trust Report.

In addition to that, this pharma company has 7 manufacturing plants across India. The firm made its first step and expanded its horizons and operations to Russia in the year 1992. Moreover, in 2015, the firm got the established brands Belgian drugmaker UCB SA  in South Asia.

  • CEO:  G. V. Prasad

  • Net Profit:  ₹566 Crores

  • Revenue:  ₹9,359 Crores

  • Market Cap:  ₹40,100 Crores

  • Total Assets:  ₹14,396 Crores

5. Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Being a Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company, Aurobindo Pharma Limited has become one of the best from the rest of the competition.

One of the strongest points of the company includes- 6 therapeutic areas such as- CNS (Central Nervous System) products, cardiovascular products, antibiotics, antiretrovirals, anti-allergic, and gastroenterological.

Aurobindo Pharma Limited deals with both the manufacturing and production of generic medicines and of active ingredients. It was founded in the year 1988, Puducherry and ever since is counted among the top pharma companies in India.

Moreover, the aim of the company is to enter the markets of the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. The firm also exports its products to over 120 countries contributing to more than 70 percent of its total revenue.

  • CEO: N.Govindarajan
  • Net Profit: ₹1,812 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹10,303 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹45,401 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹13,636 Crores

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6. Sun Pharmaceuticals Limited

Sun Pharma was founded by Dilip Shanghvi and has become the best firm in India. Being a Mumbai based pharmaceutical company, it manufacturers pharmaceutical formulations as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in both US and India.

The company was established in 1983 in Gujarat’s Vapi area. At the initial phases, it manufactured 5 products in order to treat ailments related to psychiatry. In 2014, the company acquired Ranbaxy thereby making it one of the topmost pharma companies in the country.

Especially in the US, Sun Pharmaceutical recorded more than 70 percent of its sales. It also accounted up about 50 percent of its turn over and the firm has also set up manufacturing units in Mexico, Israel, and Brazil too.

  • CEO: Dilip Shanghvi
  • Revenue: ₹7,947 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹138,489 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹26,548 Crores

7. Lupin Limit

Being the 12th largest pharmaceutical company by market capitalization, Lupin Limited also makes a place in this list. If we talk about the worldwide ranking, then this company has the 8th place in the measured by revenue.

In the year 1968, this pharmaceutical firm came into existence and was founded by Desh Bandhu Gupta. Being an associate professor at BITS Pilani, he worked hard to make the firm popular in India.

Now the firm sells its products to more than 70 countries that include- South Africa, Europe, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical company has more than 11 manufacturing plants located in various parts of India such as- Visakhapatnam, Indore, Mandideep, Nagpur, Goa, Dabasa, Ankleshwar, and Jammu.

  • CEO: Vinita D. Gupta
  • Net Profit: ₹1,344 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹10,088 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹38,609 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹15,797 Crores

8. Divi’s Laboratories

Murli Divi founded this pharma company in the year 1990. Being the youngest firms in the pharmaceutical industry, it leads the list. It exports high-quality products in more than 95 countries globally.

The firm manufacturers Nutraceutical Ingredients, Generic APIs, offers Custom Synthesis of APIs to Big Pharma companies. In this way, it provides a competitive benefit over the entire lifecycle of the products.

In addition to this, Divi’s R&D team is always engaged in the development of non-infringing processes at competitive pricing throughout the product life cycle.

  • CEO: Murali Divi
  • Net Profit: ₹869 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹3,837 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹39,023 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹6,022 Crores

9. Biocon Limited

Biocon is India’s most popular biopharmaceutical company which has headquarters in Bengaluru. It manufactures generic active pharmaceutical ingredients and its products are sold globally at a very huge scale.

It was founded in 1978 and has become the topmost pharmaceutical firms of this country. In addition to that, more than 9000 people are currently employed at this company.

  • CEO: Arun Suresh Chandavarkar
  • Net Profit: ₹238 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹2,419 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹37,752.00 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹6,805 Crores

10. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glenmark is a Mumbai based pharmaceutical firm which was founded in 1977. This pharmaceutical firm exports and sell products to over 70 countries globally.

Gracias Saldanha is the founder of this firm which he named after his sons Glen and Mark. It has become a leading pharmaceutical company having more than  $1.25 billion in sales in India.

This pharma company is currently working in the development of innovative drugs in the field of dermatology, and other respiratory diseases.

  • CEO: Glenn Mario Saldanha
  • Net Profit: ₹1,014.35 Crores
  • Revenue: ₹6,431.88 Crores
  • Market Cap: ₹17,758.25 Crores
  • Total Assets: ₹13,372.51 Crores

To Sum up

If you are in search of purely homegrown pharma companies in India, then there are many. The introduction, as well as the promotion of generic drugs, are already benefiting the Indian pharmaceutical companies.

However, the main focus is on the rural health programs and medicinal including other preventing vaccines has also opened a new way of expansion of pharma companies.

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