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37 Highest Salary Paying Jobs in India 2020 (Government & Private)

Highest Salary Paying Jobs in India

Confucious, a Chinese philosopher said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s because when you pursue something where your heart lies, it starts becoming effortless, joyful and fun. That’s how our job should be, right? When you start looking forward to working each day, learning new things, and taking up challenges, you know you’ve made a wise career choice.

The cherry on the top comes when your passion is handsomely rewarded in terms of pay too. Fortunately, with the booming Indian economic scenario, the job sector looks bright.

There are two options for students and freshers; eager to take their first big step into the job market – to enter the government sector where there are assured financial security and standard perks throughout the career span or to take up the more glamorous private jobs that promise good money, name, and fame.

To facilitate ease of career choice for those who wish to follow their dreams and make it big in the outside world, we’ve listed out some of the top high paying jobs in India. These include opportunities in both the government and private sectors. We’ve also listed out the course required to be pursued in order to qualify entry into these jobs for your convenience.

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

1. Civil Service Officers (IAS, IFS, IPS)

SOURCE:- Byju’s

The esteemed Civil Services ranks top our list, being the most coveted government jobs in India. This is primarily due to two reasons: (a) The Civil Services Officers get the privilege to be involved in policymaking for the Indian government, and (b) The earnings and perks that these officers enjoy during their entire career span are unparalleled to any other government or private job in the country. Not to forget, the job security that is automatically bestowed upon them when they enter the Civil Services.

Eligibility criteria for Civil Services: You are required to clear a competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) every year. The exam is termed as Civil Services Examination (CSE). The basic educational qualification required to appear for this exam is a graduation degree in any subject. Students in their final year of graduation are also eligible to apply for the CSE.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 6 — 28 Lakhs
  • Perks: Cooks, Free Electricity, Resthouse.
  • Age Limit: 21 to 32

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2. PSU Jobs

A perfect choice for engineers who do not wish to enter into the corporate world yet enjoy the privilege of being on almost similar payrolls as their counterparts in the private sector. The job security in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) such as the likes of ONGC, IOCL, and BHEL, is a given just like any other government job in India.

Qualification required to secure a job in PSU: To get into a PSU, most candidates are required to clear GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), clearing which, they would be called for an interview. The candidate should at least be a graduate, preferably in Science stream, which includes B.E., B.Tech, and B.Sc qualifications.

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Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 3.3 — 14.2 Lakhs
  • Average Result: 13% to 18% (exam level)
  • Perks: Medical, Quarter, Cook

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3. Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

Indian Revenue Service
SOURCE:- Wikipedia

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Another highest paid jobs in India in the commerce field i.e. IRS jobs lure freshers and experienced employees alike to their lucrative incomes. Those who get enrolled in the IRS can choose to work with the Income Tax department or the Customs and Central Excise department of the Indian government.

Course to be pursued for clearing the IRS exam: A degree from a Central, State, or Deemed University, or through correspondence or distance education. Degree obtained from an Open University and any other qualification which is recognized by the Government of India is also acceptable to qualify for appearing at the IRS examination.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 7 — 10 lakhs
  • Main perks: Bungalow, Security, Vehicle 
  • Restrictions on attempts: 6 (Gen), 9 (OBC & PwBD- General), no limit SC & ST

4. Scientists

Scientists Jobs

This is one of the highly privileged government jobs in India that enable a person to be a major contributor to the country’s scientific and technological growth. Students interested in the field of research and development can apply for jobs as scientists in esteemed organizations like ISRO, DRDO, and BARC. Scientists guarantee themselves a lifetime of name, fame, and social status, in addition to highly-rewarding salaries.

Course to be pursued: A degree in engineering

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Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 2 — 25 Lakhs
  • Average Posts: 700 — 1200
  • Working area: Labs, Universities, Companies(defense, water, cosmetic, manufacturing, etc)

5. Defense Jobs

Defense Jobs

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Defense personnel is entitled to the highest salary in govt. jobs, which is even higher than what their civil services counterparts enjoy. However, keeping in line with their high-level wages is the high-risk factor involved in their jobs. Still, a large number of freshers opt for careers in the Indian defense system because of the top incomes, best promotion opportunities, as well as transferable jobs that facilitate travel across the country.

Eligibility criteria: 10+2 Pass candidates from the Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM) stream can appear for various entrance exams into the defense forces, such as NDA, CDS, and AFCAT.

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Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 5 — 20 Lakhs
  • Main defense Dept: Army, Navy, Air Force, National Security Agency.

6. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited


Earlier known by the name National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, NTPC is India’s largest electricity-generating PSU, which invites thousands of job applications every year. Selected candidates are entitled to enjoy all the various benefits associated with any similar job in an Indian PSU.

Course to be pursued for entry into NTPC: Graduation degree in B.Tech, B.E., LLB, and LLM

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 11.4 Lakhs
  • Vacancies‎: ‎35,000+
  • Age limit: 18 –30 years old
  • Relaxation in age limit:  3 years for OBC, 5 years for SC/ST.

7. Indian Audit and Accounts Service

IAAS logo

The Indian Audit and Accounts Service of the central government is also one of the highest salary jobs in India. The department falls under Group A civil services of the Indian government and a job at the IAAS involves auditing and maintaining the accounts of union and state governments as well as various PSUs in India.

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s degree from any university recognized by the UGC. Students who have cleared the final year of MBBS are also eligible to appear for the exam.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 1.2 — 5 Lakhs
  • Age limit: 21–30 years old

8. Banking/Insurance Officer

Banking and Insurance Officer

One of the most secure government jobs is the one in the banking or insurance sector – highly paying, financially secure, and prestigious. The wages and additional benefits earned by a banking/insurance officer can be quite enviable to their private sector counterparts.

Those recruited in the banking and insurance industry are eligible to work in one of the nationalized banks, public sector banks, and central government banks of India.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in BA, B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, B.E., and BBA courses

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 6 Lakhs
  • Age limit: 21–30 years old

9. Income Tax Inspector


Another of the most sought-after government jobs in India that guarantees job security, top earnings, and additional perks. The job of an income tax inspector commands prestige as well.

Qualification required: Any degree from a recognized university or its equivalent in the fields of Maths, Statistics, and Science.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 4.5 — 6 Lakhs
  • Age limit: 18 — 30 years of age

10. Central Excise

Central excise portal

Like the income tax inspector, the job of a central excise or customs officer to is a respectable one yet with immense responsibility. The salaries + extra perks a Central Excise department job entail making it the most wanted in the government sector.

Eligibility for Central Excise jobs: Bachelor’s qualification in any stream of study.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 5.5– 13 Lakhs
  • Age limit: 21–27 years old

11. External Affairs

External Affairs

A position in the Ministry of External Affairs in the central government is a Grade B post. It is considered to be one of the highest salary jobs in India and is deemed fairly attractive too owing to job postings offered abroad. During the entire career span in the Ministry, a person is entitled to a total of 6 postings in foreign countries, each lasting 3 years in a particular country.

Eligibility criteria: In order to secure a job in the External Affairs Ministry, one needs to clear the SSC CGL examination. Also, clearing a foreign language proficiency test is obligatory to apply for the post.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 7– 24 Lakhs
  • Age limit: 40 year

12. Assistant in Secretarial Services

Secretarial Services

Secretarial Assistant in the government sector is a highly regarded and extremely responsible position. The post is available in PSUs, Railways, UPSC, SPSCs, banks, Indian Defenses, and many more government sector undertakings.

Qualification required: Any degree or diploma from a recognized university in any educational stream.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 3 lakhs
  • Vacancies: 1200–1500

13. Divisional Accountant

Divisional Accountant

The person holding this job post acts as a financial advisor to the engineers in the government sector. They are also responsible for maintaining the accounts of various govt. departments, keep a tab on their expenditure and monitor all the transactions that take place in relation to a specific project. The job is highly regarded and enjoys all the remuneration benefits of similar govt. jobs.

Course to be pursued: Graduation degree from a govt. recognized university or equivalent.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 5 — 9 lakhs
  • Age limit: 18–25 years old

14. Indian Coast Guard

Indian Coast Guard

If you like to take adventurous challenges at sea, then an esteemed job at the Indian Coast Guard is the one for you – one of the best government jobs in India with the highest salary and perks. Of course, the job entails a large amount of vigilance and risk factor too, considering that you would be required to be at the sea most of the time. However, working at the Indian Coast Guard is not just a well-paying job; it’s service to your fellow citizens.

Qualification: Candidates who have cleared 10+2 in Maths and Physics streams from a central/state government-recognized education board.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 5–15 lakhs
  • Age limit: 18 to 22years old ( Yantriks & Naviks )

15. Railway Engineers

Railway Engineers Logo

A job at the Indian Railways is truly one of high respect and value and a career in the same is immensely rewarding too. The post of a Railway Engineer requires knowledge of design, construction, and operation of all kinds of rail transport systems.

Selection criteria: To apply for the post of Railway Engineers, candidates must be at least 10+2 pass. Diploma holders and engineering graduates are preferred.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 3.5 lakhs
  • Age limit: 18–33 years old

16. Doctors

Doctors in India

The medical profession in India has always been looked at in high regard for centuries. The same holds true for government doctors as well. This position gives the candidate an opportunity to serve their country, along with enjoying numerous monetary and other facilities.

Course to be pursued: MBBS degree from a recognized university

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year : 3 — 10 lakhs

17. University Professors

University Professors in India

Teaching jobs have always been in great demand in our country and that of a university professor/lecturer is the one most coveted and highest paying jobs in India for fresher. The advantages are many – sufficient time for yourself and family, vacations, and decent pays equivalent to private college teachers.

Qualification needed: Postgraduate degree in a particular subject of specialization from a recognized university or institute. Candidates also need to clear a National Eligibility Test (NET) accredited by UGC.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 5 — 15 Lakhs
  • Age limit: No limit

18. Architects

Architects in India

The govt. of India provides several positions to students of architecture who wish to make a career in this field. A number of architect posts are open for interested candidates in various departments and govt. sector undertakings, including PSUs, Indian Railways, and others.

Qualification required: Degree in Architecture from a recognized university or institute.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 1– 5 Lakhs

19. Tax Assistant (CBDT)

Income Tax Department India Logo
Source: Wikipedia

A Group-C post in the Income Tax department of the Indian government, a Tax Assistant in CBDT enjoys high social stature, excellent promotion opportunities, and job stability.

Eligibility: Graduate from a recognized university or equivalent.

Estimated Data

  • Salary Per year: 2.5 — 4 Lakhs
  • Age limit: 18–27 years old
  • Group Name: Group C Non-Gazetted post

List of Private Sector Jobs in India

The private sector has its own array of benefits and shortcomings when it comes to offering jobs to freshers and students. The most obvious benefit of getting yourself enrolled in a private job is the glamorous experience of the corporate world, immense exposure, remarkable salaries, and an opportunity to afford the basic luxuries of a modern lifestyle.

On the other hand, there is always an apprehension of job security in case of grave errors or change in the country’s economic situation.

Yet, there are a number of high-paying jobs in India in the private sector which is worth consideration. Let’s look at some of them:

1. App Developer

Apps Development

Perhaps the most demanded job in private software companies today and one of the best rewarded too in terms of fat pay packages. With the boom in technology, there is a constant demand for people to create software apps and programs to make things faster and more convenient for users. App developers are highly-skilled personnel who know how to resolve daily challenges in software development.

Courses required to be pursued: At least a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or a course in Mobile Application Development, Mobile Computing, Computer Science, or a similar field of study focused on computer programming.

  • Salary Per year: 2.5 Lakhs –1.3 Cr
  • Job Growth (2014-2024)* : 19%

2. Freelancing

This is one of the fastest-emerging job types in the current job market scenario. Most people these days opt for freelance work besides their full-time employment in the private sector, primarily to earn additional income or to pursue their passion in free time. Freelancers enjoy the advantage of deciding their comfortable hours of work and even pay rates at times, unlike the conventional jobs in the private sector.

Qualification needed: Although there are no defined educational criteria required to clarify before choosing to become a freelancer, it’s in the best interest of freelancers to pursue additional skills that would help them advance in their career. They can choose to specialize in a niche segment of study and even join a formal course to upgrade their skill sets so as to earn higher.

  • Salary Per year: 2– 40 lakhs
  • Total people engaged: 10 million

3. Chartered Accountant

SOURCE:- Visakhapatnam

Another job that is renowned to be among the highest paid jobs in India in the commerce field is that of a Chartered Accountant or CA. CAs are perhaps one of those esteemed class of private sector employees that enjoy top remunerations in the industry along with immense fame and social status.

Course needed to become a CA: Minimum 10+2 qualification and a candidate can either enter its entrance level by clearing Foundation level test conducted by ICAI or by clearing its graduation in any field.

There are three levels for exam:-

  • Entrance level:- A student has to clear Foundation paper it includes Accountancy, Economics, Law and simple Maths
  • Intermediate Level:- It includes two groups and both of these group comprises Four subjects.
  • Final level:- This comes after a student has gone through an internship period of Three years

  • Salary Per year: 3.5 Lakhs — 2 Cr
  • Total C.A in India: 2.6 lakhs
  • Pass %: 3 to 10 percent

4. Business Consultants

Business Consultant

They too have become immensely popular in the recent past. A business consultant refers to a professional expert in a particular specialized field of education or work, such as management, law, HR, marketing, PR, finance, engineering, or science. As such, these experts are heavily paid for their special consultancy services to various private organizations, both small and large-scale.

What it takes to become a business consultant: A Bachelor’s degree in any one of the above-mentioned specialized fields would give business consultants an edge over their counterparts.

  • Salary Per year: 5 — 20 Lakhs

5. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

A highly-skilled job requirement in the private sector involves recruiting data scientists or experts who are able to make accurate sense out of large chunks of data accumulated by the company for various reasons. Such a person is responsible for analyzing data and even creating certain automated tools and processes within the company that facilitate data analysis.

Considering the level of expertise required for the job, data scientists earn quite a handsome amount of money per annum.

Eligibility criteria: Data scientists are generally very well educated having at least a Master’s degree, sometimes even Ph.D., in their respective field of study.

  • Salary Per year: 8.7 Lakh — 60 Lakhs
  • Contribution in the Ecosystem: 6% of the world

6. Full-stack Developers


They are primarily required in software development firms for front and back-end web development. These developers know well how to work with various software languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Course to be completed: A degree in Computer Science is usually required in order to start your career in this line. Also, proficiency in one of the computer languages mentioned above is always an added advantage.

  • Salary Per year: 6.25 lakhs

7. Software Engineer

One of the most well-rewarded private sector jobs today, software engineers are looked at with great respect in the society, considering the highly-skilled jobs they pursue. They are involved in creating documentation and codes for particular software and help propose solutions to upcoming challenges

Qualification required: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

  • Salary Per year: 2 lakh to 10 lakh
  • Total number: 2.75 million(2013 survey)

8. Tax Consultant

They are often hired by a number of private companies to prepare tax returns as well as offer professional guidance to their clients on how to lower their tax liabilities throughout the financial year. They too enjoy high salaries from their clients for the exceptional services they offer in bringing down the taxes to be paid.

Eligibility: There is no defined degree or course required to be a tax consultant, however, most consultants are Certified Public Accountants or CPAs, or tax lawyers, or possess a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting.

  • Salary Per year: 3– 10 Lakhs

9. Television Anchor

One of the most glamorous jobs in the private sector today, the best thing liked by many who opt for a TV anchor career is the fact that they get to work on the camera where they can be seen and appreciated for their work by the whole world. The job of a TV anchor may involve traveling as well, another preferred part about this job. An anchor is expected to always look presentable which brings in the glam quotient.

Qualifications required: Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications or similar stream. Master’s degree is preferred to give the candidate a competitive edge in the market.

  • Salary Per year: 3.5–5lakhs
  • Best News Anchor: Rajeev Masand

10. Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals Jobs

There are numerous options for someone who decides to follow a career path in the pharmaceutical industry. This depends on the qualification, skill sets, and experience of the candidate. They may either enter the pharma research and analysis field or choose to be a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Eligibility criteria: Ph.D. degree with First Class obtained in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in a specific specialization recognized by PCI.

11. Fashion Designer

If you have a creative side to you and are interested in designing and creating innovative styles of clothing, shoes, and accessories, then this is the career for you. One of the many highest paying jobs in India for fresher, particularly for those who are more keen on following vocational courses and making a career out of their passion for art and style.

The job entails a glam quotient, along with higher pay scales and growing demand in the private sector by a number of organizations like schools and other educational institutes, media and film industry, etc.

Qualification needed: Though a degree is not a must, it’s preferable to obtain a qualification in fashion designing from a renowned or recognized institute that would help you score over your competition.

  • Salary Per year: 2–4 lakhs
  • Best fashion designer: Manish Malhotra

12. Investment Banker

Investment Banker

Just like tax consultants, investment bankers to are in great demand these days for their expert professional guidance on money-related matters. They offer assistance to their clients on a number of issues related to the stock market, advise them on investments to be made or withdrawn from the capital market, how to reduce debts, and even help companies with major merger and acquisition decisions.

How to become an investment banker: The minimum required qualification is a graduate degree, though a Master’s can help you climb the success ladder faster and move on to senior roles.

  • Salary per year: 5 Lakhs — 9.5 Lakhs
  • Total number of banks: 27( 21 Nationalized and 6 State bank group )

13. Lawyer

Lawyer jobs

Lawyers command huge respect in our society. After all, they are the protectors of our esteemed law system in India and are well-versed with varied fields of knowledge, such as criminal law, corporate law, or cyber laws. The salaries fall in quite high slabs and depending on the degree obtained and the experience earned, the packages keep getting better

Preferred qualification: Bachelor’s in LLB along with clearance at the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

  • Salary Per year: 3– 12 Lakhs
  • Best lawyer: Harish Salve

14. Aviation


A career in the Aviation sector is another of the high-paying private jobs in India which comes with the added benefit of high respect and social stature too. It is possible to start earning fairly well at quite a young age in this industry. Though the job can be quite exhausting, involving you to stay at high altitudes very often, the perks and pay scales make it all worth it.

Desired qualification: 10+2 in Maths and Physics is the minimum required criteria to apply for an entry-level post in Aviation.

  • Salary Per year: 1.5 — 3.5 Lakhs
  • Asia Pacific head: Gaurav Ahuja

15. Business Analyst

This is one job position that has garnered increasing demand the world over pretty fast. These people are needed in most business organizations to offer a detailed analysis of the business approach being followed, point out weaknesses and offer solutions for better growth.

What it takes to be a Business Analyst: Bachelor’s degree in Business or MBA in a related field of study

  • Salary Per year: 3.5–7.5 lakhs

16. Pilot

Pilot jobs in India

Commercial Pilots are quite in demand in the private sector, with the number of airlines growing by the day. The career is hugely glamorous too with high-commanding respect and hefty payments. The job does entail a certain amount of risk, considering that the pilot needs to be in the air at extremely high altitudes most of the time, but the perks make up for it well.

Qualification: 10+2 pass candidate with main subjects as Math and Physics

  • Salary Per year: 36 lakhs — 1 Cr
  • Average recruitment: 1k to 1.4k

17. Lecturer

Lecturer Jobs in India

Lecturers in private universities earn comparatively far better than their govt. sector counterparts. The other job benefits of vacation time and work-life balance remain the same. The only points they score over their govt. sector counterparts are the exclusive one-on-one tutoring facility that they extend to their students, even adults in certain cases, e.g., in foreign language training institutes. The higher pay scales explain it all.

Courses: At least graduate from high school; higher qualification with a specialization is always preferred to get enrolled in higher teaching jobs.

  • Salary Per year: 2.5– 6 Lakhs

Why are govt jobs better than private jobs?

Having discussed the various features of both in great detail above, the decision to choose your career path is entirely yours to make. However, it is worth noting here that even today, despite increasing shift towards the private sector, Govt. jobs are highly preferred by most fresher graduates.

This is for the following reasons:
Better job security during the entire period of working with the govt. and financial security even post-retirement in the form of pensions, which is missing in private jobs.

The govt. provides job opportunities to all, regardless of any discrimination. This is particularly helpful to the handicapped and special needs people, who would otherwise not be considered for a job in the private sector.

Govt. jobs work better for married couples too. If both the partners work for the govt., then even if one gets transferred, the other too can apply for the same and enjoy the benefit of staying together in the same city. This may not be possible if one of them works in a private job.

What is the current situation of the Govt and Private sectors in India?

Sadly enough, the Indian economy is giving more power to private entrepreneurs and is working in tune with the demands of the market. In the wake of this, there has been a paradigm shift towards private sector jobs in the country while their Govt. counterparts hardly find any takers. In fact, most loss-making PSUs are moving towards privatization in hopes of survival.

For the Govt. sector to make efforts for revival, it will have to put in a considerable amount of effort, and of course, money, to firstly revamp its infrastructure and then work on providing more prompt and efficient services to the citizens.

As for the private sector, it has shown tremendous growth in the recent past and the graph continues to show an upward trend. More and more employment opportunities opening up every day as people move towards embracing technology with open arms. The latest advances in science and technology have increased the need for skilled workers, something which our Govt. sector is still in a deficit of.

However, it can’t be denied that the demand for jobs in India, whether govt. or private, exceeds far more than the opportunities available in the market. To add to the existing woes, there is no scope for social security to the retired senior citizens of the country, especially in the private sector.

Final words

The competition between government and private sectors in India has long been in existence. While both have their own exclusive set of benefits and shortcomings on offer, both are still flooded by job-seekers at every single opportunity available. The govt. jobs come with their own set of lucrative promises of job security, lifetime financial support, transferable jobs, foreign postings, ample time to balance out work and family life well, etc.

On the other hand, jobs in the private market are more rewarding in terms of money which covers up substantially the perks missed of the public sector. Also, the private sector infrastructure and services continue to remain unmatched to those in the PSUs.

Unless our govt. sector comes a few inches closer to its private counterpart in terms of structure and technological advancements, it is likely to keep job seekers at bay for a very long time to come.

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