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List of Top 10 Leading Paint Companies in India (2020)

Paint companies in india

India is known to serve as a home to some of the biggest paint companies in the world. Despite some having a foreign origin, they still do serve the Indian population and have the Indian style and content.

Paints are known to not only add aesthetic value to a product or space but also help in increasing its lifespan by making it resistant to weather and other environmental conditions. With the recent technological advancements, there are paints for almost every use and it is very important that one uses the correct type of paint to increase the value of their products and space.

Below is a list of the Top 10 paint companies in India.

1. Kansai Nerolac Paints

Kansai Nerolac Paints limted Logo
Source: Wikipedia

Kansai Nerolac is regarded as one of the top leading paint companies in India. This company is a subsidiary of Kansai Paints Ltd which is one of the largest pain manufacturing companies in Japan. It is also among the top best coating companies’ worldwide.

Kansai Nerolac is known to have a wide range of decorative paints for exteriors and interiors and also have performance coatings and automotive coatings. Excel, Lotus touch, Silver and Suraksha are known to be among the most popular sub-brands by Kansai Nerolac with each of them coming with a completely different range of benefits.

For instance, the Nerolac Suraksha Plus emulsion exterior paint is known to be a very economical water thin coating which was specifically designed for wall application in moderately humid and dry conditions. The idea of Nerolac Impressions is an ultra-luxury emulsion which is part of a unique designer range of paints that creates various designs on the wall interior in a matte finish.

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2. Asian Paints

Asian Paints logo

Asian Paints is considered to be among the largest paint manufacturing companies. It was founded way back in 1942 by Chimanlal N. Choksi, Suryakant C., Arvind, Champaklal H, and Arvind R.

Currently, Asian Paints is said to have assets worth 6,205 Crore and is one of the companies with the largest share at 54.1% in the Indian Paint industry. This makes it the largest paint manufacturing company. Asian Paints does have 75+ years of experience in manufacturing of different types of paints and shades. Asian paints also operate in the other 19 countries around the world.

This most reputed paint company is known to offer a wide range of products for a complete house; it does not matter if it’s the exterior walls, interior walls, wooden finished and much more. All their products have been widely categorized into paints for metal finishes, wood finishes, interior walls, waterproofing solutions, implements, special effects paints and adhesives, painting tools and wall coverings and stickers.

Asian Paints is known for producing high-quality colors and shades. This paint company also offers 1800+ colors, special effects, shades, textures and metallic colors in their products. Their royal colors, distempers, wooden, metal and undercoats paints are readily available in various textures and shades.

Tractor Emulsion, Royal play and Ultima range of paints are known to be the best selling brands of Asian Paints. Most generations in Indian do trust these brands. Asian Paint is also known to have up 65 different factories located in different locations in India and around the world.

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3. Jotun Paints

Jotsun Paints Logo

One common thing between the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Eifel Tower in Paris and Petronas Towers in Malaysia is that Jotun Paints was used on them.
Jotun Paints is a Norwegian company from the Jotun Group which is a chemical company that deals with performance coatings and decorative paints.

They do have a wide range of exterior and interior paints and coatings which have all been designed and formulated to help in fulfilling certain aims. They are also known to have wood and metal paints and a collection of wall designer pains which are very popular among the Indian population.

Jotun Paints is also known to have Prestige for a luxurious metallic finish, Romano for the classic Roman finish and the other paints with finishes like velvet, pearl, etc.

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4. Berger Paints

Berger Paints Logo

Berger is a limited paint company in India. Established back in 1760 by Mr. Lewis Berger in the United Kingdom, it did enter the Indian market back in 1923 and today it is considered to be among the top best pain companies in the country.

This paint company is a fully owned subsidiary of the Berger Lewis Paints. It is headquartered in Kolkata and does have a nationwide presence. They do have up to 10 manufacturing units in the country and have up to 110 stock paints.

The products from Berger Paints can be categorized into the interior wall coatings, Protective coating, undercoats, Metal and Wood Paints, Construction chemicals and express painting services.  Berger Paints is also known to be among the top producers of interior wall coating products in India.

They do have a wide variety of paint products under the interior wall coating category. Berger Silk illusion, Berger easy clean, Berger silk Glamor, Berger Distemper, Marble Finish, and Metallica are some of the most popular products.

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5. Dulux Paints

Dulax Paints India Logo

The Dulux Paints also referred to as the AkzoNobel India which was previously known as ICI India is a top paint manufacturer in India.
Dulux does have a wide range of interior paints that comprises of the popular Dulux Velvet touch, the Pearl Glo, exterior paints like Sun Reflec, Dulux weather shield, metal, wood paints like the Super gloss 5 in 1 and the Dulux super satin and the wood care range which is known to offer the melamine coating and the Dulux advanced water based PU paints.

The Dulux exterior pains are also amongst the most popular as they offer a wide variety of undercoats such as the wall putty, acrylic primer, water based cement primer, etc.

Most people are known to like using the Dulux Trade durable Flat Matt paint which offers an ultra matt finish, opacity and ultimate coverage which makes it ideal for regions with high traffic like corridors and staircases.

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6. Snowcem– Home Paints

Snowcempaints Home paints logo

Snowcem is an Indian paint company which has been patronized by painters and consumers for the last five decades. They do have a wide range of exterior and interior paint products and does offer complete value for the money brand. Snowcem has been constantly introducing and innovating of the new product lines like eco-friendly products, unit loss, and water-based liquid paints, etc.

Their exterior paints like the Unigloss and Trump are very popular as the Pentasia range is a completely unique emulsion having silicon which is water repellent, high UV resistant and anti-algal. It helps in the reduction of temperature and it has a very low VOC which makes it eco-friendly.

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7. Shalimar Paints

Shalimar Paints  Logo
Source: Wikipedia

Shalimar is among the leading paint brands in India.  This paint company does have three manufacturing units across the country and also have more than 45 depots and branches. This company does offer a wide range of architectural/decorative and industrial options for painting with the exterior and interior paints which are offered under the architectural segment.

Shalimar offers a color space tinting system with more than 9000 shades that are available on offer to the customers. They are known to have a wide range of tools which helps in making better finish through their interactive website that consists of paint calculator, virtual fan deck, visualize, dealer locator facilities, etc.

The Shalimars’ Superlac Stay clean pain refers to water-based premium emulsion which is very popular thanks to its easy stain clean ability. This paint is formulated using advanced stain guard technology that offers superior stain resistance to household stains like ketchup, coffee, tea, etc.

It also consists of a water beading feature where water comes into contact with the paint that it converts into the tiny droplets that resist water to penetrate into the surface.

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8. Mysore Paints

Mysore Paints Logo

Mysore Paints was founded back in 1937 by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar who was the then Maharaja of Mysore province. The Maharaja of Mysore province company was started with the main aim of offering employment opportunities to the local people and making good use of the natural resources of the forest.

In fact today, the Mysore Paints is considered to be one of the most prominent undertakings of the Karnataka government with decorative paints, industrial coatings, thinners, wood polishes and Varnish on offer. This company also manufactures and supplies to the PSUs, central government, several paint dealers and private companies.

Mysore Paints is the only Indian company that is licensed to produce indelible ink that is used in elections to help in preventing the Indian population from voting more than one time. They do have an Epoxy Coal-Tar Finish for industrial use which is an excellent pain that has been specifically designed to offer great resistance to the continuous water immersion and is great when used as a finishing paint for gates and other industrial purposes.

9. Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd

Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd logo

Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd was first incorporated in 1922 and is one of the largest paint companies in India. This company does have its roots tracing back to a business which was first established in 1821 in London and later emerged as an independent company in 1973.

Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd is considered to be a top company which launched the first plastic emulsion paint in India under the Robbialac brand. After a few years, it did enter into the powder coating market which made it the first ever company to start offering the environmentally friendly and durable coating technology in India.

10. British Paints

British Paints logo

The British Paints makes it to our top 10 list of the best paint companies in India. This company was first established in 1947 and has 60 years of experience in the paint manufacturing industry. Its head office is based in Delhi and comprises of a team of experienced professionals responsible for manufacturing products with the use of innovative quality.

Being one of the tops and famous paint companies in India, it offers exclusive decorative solutions that offer a wide range of products covering a comprehensive and exclusive range of general industrial based coating together with decorative distributed materials across India.

Some of the British Paint brands which are popular include Expa Cool, Acri Silk, Glo, Glamour, British, Shingar and Master Blaster. This paint company is also known to have acclaim and fame even overseas and is known to strive hard and endeavor in serving the wide clientele base by offering top and superior quality coating solutions.

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This is our list of the top 10 paint companies in India. However, it is important to note that the list does change after some time due to the level of competition among the Best paint companies in India. In case you are in need of a bright vivid surrounding to help decorate your surroundings, then you can get any of these.

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