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List of Top 10 Best Leading Shipping Companies in India (2020)

Shipping Companies in India

The shipping industry in India plays a key role in innumerable ways. For one, shipping is an important contributor to the country’s import and export business. Also, shipping has and still is a common mode of water transport, transferring people and cargo from one country to another.

In fact, today shipping plays an indispensable role in the growth of India’s e-commerce business, wherein goods ordered by customers are shipped to them by the merchant in literally no time, facilitating speedy and timely delivery.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dropshipping companies in India that help foster the country’s economic growth.

1. Shipping Corporation of India

The shipping Corporation of India

One of the oldest shipping companies in India, it was established by the Indian government back in 1961 and is today the topmost name in the industry.

The company, under the chairmanship of B K Mandal, is one of the largest generators of foreign exchange in India and a key player in the country’s trade market.

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Basis Particulars
Revenue3902.69 Crores INR (Estimated)
Number of Employees6242
Headquarter Mumbai, Maharastra

2. Essar Shipping

Essar Shipping Logo

The second-largest shipping company in India after the Shipping Corporation is Essar Shipping. The company is a part of the Essar Group and is ISO certified as well as BSE listed.

It has made a name for itself as a provider of a number of services, including logistic services. The company is chaired by ShashiRuia.

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Basis Particulars
Revenue8383 Crore Estimated
Number of Employees3000 to 6000
Head OfficeMumbai

3. Great Eastern Shipping Company

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, this one has been in operation since as long as 1948, which makes it one of the oldest and among the best shipping companies in India.

Some of the services provided by the company include transport of solid, liquid and gas products, including crude oil and petroleum goods. The company is headed by KM Seth who serves as its chairman.

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Basis Particulars
Headquarter Mumbai, Maharashtra
Revenue ₹42.00 billion
Founded 1948

4. Bharati Shipyard

Involved in the manufacturing of ships and transport of crude oil, this one started operations in 1973, founded by P.C. Kapoor and Vijay Kumar.

The company currently operates services in three segments of the shipping business – the building of ships, designing them, and repair of ships.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Subsidiaries Pinky Shipyard Private Limited
Founded 1973
Founders Prakash C. Kapoor, Vijay Kumar

5. ABG Shipyard

Established in 1985, the company operates under the leadership of Rishi Agarwal, its chairman. ABG Shipyard is a renowned name in the industry for its services that include the construction of several types of vessels, including the ones like support vessels and container ships.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Subsidiaries  Western India Shipyard, ABG Motors Limited
Founded 1985
Number of employees 250

6. Mercator Limited

Next on our list of top 10 shipping companies in India is Mercator Ltd, founded in 1983 and a part of the Mercator Group.

The company has branched out the shipping business into a number of fields such as coal mining, oil and gas, and logistics.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Revenue 683.9 crores
Founded 1983
Subsidiaries Mercator Petroleum Limited
CEO Shalabh Mittal

7. Gujarat Pipavav

One of the world’s largest container terminal operators, Gujarat Pipavav has a widespread network spanning more than 50 ports in the entire world.

The company has earned repute for providing some of the best high-quality services in the field of cargo handling, logistics support, and towage.

Headquarters Pipavav, Gujarat
CEO Ajit Venkataraman
Founded 1996
FounderNikhil Gandhi

8. Varun Shipping

This one is owned and run privately and boasts of more than 20 vessels, 10 LPG carriers, and 3 crude oil tankers.

The company is led by professional and efficient management that has expertise in a number of domains – technical and commercial operations of the business, finance department, secretarial and legal operations, information technology, and human resources.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Director Khurshed M Thanawalla
Founded 1971 
Chairman & MD Yudhishthir D. Khatau

9. Global Offshore Services

The company has made quite a name for itself in the Indian shipping industry owing to its large vessel fleet. It also prides in work experience with a number of vessel exploration and production firms such as ONGC, British Petroleum, and Shell.

The founder of the company was Late Padma Bhushan Dr. B D Garware. Services include transport of people and cargo and anchor-handling operations.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Founded 1976
Chairman Ashok Garware

10. Shreyas Shipping

Established in 1988 but started operating only by 1994 with a view to filling the gap between domestic and international seaports. The company is engaged in providing feeder, port agency, logistics, and regional services.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
Key people Ramesh S Ramakrishnan
Geeta Ramakrishnan
Founded 1977

11. Cochin Shipyard Ltd

It boasts of being the largest facility in the country for building and maintaining vessel containers. The company belongs to the line of maritime-related facilities in Kochi.

Its services include the provision of tankers, bulk carriers, platform supply vessels, patrol boats, and diving support vessels to the Indian shipping industry.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Kochi, India
Revenue ₹25.44 billion
Key people Madhu S Nair (CMD)
Founded 1972
Owner Govt. of India

12. Dredging Corporation of India

Last on our list of top shipping companies in India is DCI. The company is a Miniratna Public Sector Unit (PSU) engaged in dredging for Indian seaports exclusively. However, the company does dredge at international seaports too, though occasionally.

These include countries the ports at Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Dubai. With its headquarters in Vishakhapatnam, the company is involved in maintenance dredging, capital dredging, land reclamation, and beach nourishment activities.

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Basis Particulars
Headquarters Visakhapatnam, India
Revenue ₹7,438 million
Founded 1976
Managing Director Rajesh Tripath

13. Aban Offshore Limited

This was earlier known as Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Ltd. This group is the biggest offshore drilling service provider to oil companies. It mainly caters to ONGC. They are now providing services to an Iranian oil company. The company was founded in 1986.

The headquarter of the company is in Chennai. The company is into offshore and onshore drilling, construction, power plantations, wind energy, etc. The chairman of the company is Mr. P Murari. This company is considered as a leading shipping company in the country.

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Basis Particulars
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Revenue ₹279.67 billion
Founded 1986
Managing Director Reji Abraham

14. Dolphin Offshore Enterprises

This company was founded in 1979. This is a leading underwater services provider to oil and gas companies. They undertake turnkey projects and have a diverse portfolio.

Their services are certified to ISO 9001 and by the American Bureau of Shipping. This is one of the best shipping companies in India and the chairman of this company is Rear Admiral Kirpal Singh.

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Basis Particulars
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
MD & CEO Satpal Singh
Founded 1979
Chairman Kirpal Singh

15. Triton Logistics And Maritime

This is part of the Omega shipping group of companies which is considered to be a very reputed group. It provides global services and it is known for its competitive rates.

The Omega Shipping Group was established in 1985 and they have the mission of providing the best services to the clients.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Nehru Place, Delhi 
Revenue INR 250 million
Date of Incorporation 2001

16. Apeejay Shipping

Apeejay Shipping Ltd logo

This was established in 1948 and this is one of the largest privately-owned shipping companies of India. Its overseas subsidiaries are Surrendra Overseas (Panama) Inc, Panama and Surrendra Overseas (Singapore) Pte Limited A team of dedicated professionals (both afloat and ashore).

This is an ISO 9001-2000 company. They have very strict safety and quality standards.

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Basis Particulars
Headquarters Kolkata, India
Founder ‎Lala Pyare Lal
Number of employees 43,000

17. Nautilus Shipping

They provide a number of different services like ship management, crew management, ship agency, logistics, etc. They call themselves boutique providers of maritime solutions. They have a decade of experience and they have 6 offices worldwide. Captain Ajay Handa is the chief mentor and director of this company and he has played a very active role in the marine industry.

Basis Particulars
Headquarters Tamil Nadu, India
MD and Founder Ajay Krishnamani
Founded 2005

Points to Consider While Choosing a Shipping Partner

To avoid any possible grave errors, here are a few key pointers to remember before selecting a logistics partner for your e-commerce business.

Check out their delivery route

You need to know the first mile, in-transit route, as well as the last mile in the delivery route of your shipping company before finalizing them for your business.

Make sure that they are reliable to deliver goods in time to any part of the country, even the remotest areas. Some companies partner with local courier agencies to facilitate remote deliveries; check if your company offers this facility.

Check for Insurance cover

However efficient the shipping company may be in ensuring the safe delivery of goods on board, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. The goods may either be lost during transit or damaged.

In such a case if the shipping company does not offer insurance cover, the entire cost would have to be borne by you as a vendor which means a loss for your business.

Compare costs

Just as e-commerce is growing rapidly so are the shipping agencies willing to engage with online businesses for the purpose. Therefore, do your homework thoroughly; compare costs offered by some of the leading shipping companies that you know of.

Moreover, in case the shipping cost on the order placed by your customer proves to be higher than the actual value of the item, the customer is most likely to abandon the order and move on. Don’t let that happen.

Do a background check on the company

This is very important because you are handing over your business into the hands of a stranger, literally. Your merchandise is the whole and soul of your e-commerce business.

Remember that once the shipment has left your store, it becomes the shipping agency’s responsibility. So you need to be sure who you are partnering with to safeguard your goods.

Check for tracking service

Choose a delivery partner that provides tracking facility for your goods on board. This is particularly helpful for both you and your customers’ convenience.

In case of any unforeseen delays, you can keep track of where your merchandise has reached and perhaps inform the customer well in advance about the likely delay. This would be much appreciated.

Final Thoughts

The shipping industry has a lot to contribute to our Indian economy. It has always been a reliable and convenient mode of transport for people and for the movement of goods as well.

But now its entry into the e-commerce market only goes on to prove that it is an indispensable link in the business and can work wonders for it if the right partner is chosen. Just keep the points mentioned in the post above in mind and make your choice carefully.

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