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Top 10 Best Smartphone Brands in India (2020)

Top Smartphone brands in India

In today’s technological world smartphones…..Blah….Blah…Blah. Sorry for that, but you won’t find the same old crap that everybody writes in their blogs nowadays (or at least starts them with).

Now before you take an exit from this webpage, let us first try to understand-

Why Are Smartphones Called “Smart”?

Well, there is an obvious reason! When it comes to advance the ability to communicate & compute, smartphones are notches higher than the traditionally used phones.

It won’t be wrong to say that the word “smart” is a perfect adjective to name this invention since its platform is more high-tech and has all the capabilities to outsmart the traditional phone in terms of connectivity, speed & features.

Moreover, these latest inventions are jam-packed with functions that be used for both entertainment & assistive purposes.

Now what!! Wait there is still a long way to go…so relax and enjoy reading this article (hopefully)

Getting to Know the Popular Smartphone Brands in India

Nowadays the latest and most updated bunches of phones are preferred by the people. That is the reason why we see the emergence of newer and sleeker phones being carried around by people.

Those days are gone when a mobile phone was primarily used for receiving and making calls. But now watching a movie, playing games, and playing music is just one of the few added features that a smartphone possesses.

It is not just the blue collared office worker that the top 10 mobile companies in India are targeting, to buy their products, but everyone because it has become a necessity in today’s modern life.

So, Which Smartphone Brand is Right for You?

As we know that there are plenty of manufacturers in India that produce smartphones, and there are various models to choose from. Before we discuss the best smartphone brands in India, first you should consider the following things before buying one.

  • Functions
  • Appearance
  • Brand (of course)
  • Battery Life including additional features

So, without further delay, let us take a look at the top smartphone brands in India that are ruling this year:

1. One Plus

OnePlus 7 Smartphone

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One Plus 7 Mirror Blue
OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue
OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Orange

Being a Shenzhen based startup, One Plus is known for its flagship killing phones. These phones are priced in the mid-range segment and boast flagship-level features and specifications. It was the first company that debuted in India in the year 2014.
Their smartphones are specially designed to compare favorably the following- in quality, performance, and price to other flagship devices by one of the best smartphone manufacturers.

The company empowered by a broad mindset creates devices that simply transcend cultures and geography. Over the years, One Plus has tied up with several online retailers, with key players such as Amazon.

  • Good battery back-up
  • The warranty allows unlocking boot loader
  • Useful and constant up-gradation
  • No Selfies in Dark
  • No support from Oneplus for official updates ( Oxygen OS)
  • Customer support comes to an issue

2. Apple

Apple iPhone XR Black

Apple itself is the largest selling smartphone brand, especially in India. The iPhones are both designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Apple iOS mobile operating system is their own invention and there have been new iterations in their multiple new hardware with new iOS releases.

The company has released various generations of iPhone models and every one of them is accompanied by the major releases of the iOS operating system. If we talk about the revenue from India itself, then Apple mobile sales have been increasing every year. 

  • Excellent camera Quality
  • Stunning and beyond comparison
  • Aluminum housing makes it more attractive
  • Prone to Scratches
  • The battery cannot be changed
  • There is no memory card

3. Samsung

Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969 and is a South Korea based company. Apart from being one of the leading manufacturers of consumer products, the company also develops tablets and smartphones as well.

According to the reports, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of devices running Google Android with a whopping market share and no wonders why it has become one of the top smartphone brands in India.

With a higher sequential growth and ever-increasing popularity, the market growth of Samsung is all set to break records in the upcoming years. 

  • Expandable Storage
  • Good battery backup
  • Reboot and Hangs up on heavy storage
  • Tend to slow down considerably from where they start
  • Looks are not so impressive

4. Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi Mix 2S

Ever since the launch of its first mobile in August 2011, Xiaomi has gained huge market shares in China. As of now, it has become the largest smartphone company and is ranked 5th in the world.

The brand has revolutionized the budget phones in India with its brilliant marketing strategies such as- flash sales and exclusive launches. 

The people absolutely love their offerings thereby selling numerous devices every year in India itself. Their devices are quite affordable, but what stands out is their MIUI operating system which is very popular and has a huge following.

Moreover, the brand has tripled its shipments and almost doubled quarter on quarter in their last turn.

  • Cheaper than most rivals
  • Excellent battery life
  • Top-notch camera quality, versatile skills.
  • Looks are not so attractive
  • Using Flash often gives overexposed images
  • Photos having grains in low light

5. Oppo

Being ranked the no 4th smartphone globally, it has gone viral for providing amazing selfie experiences (also known as a selfie expert). For the last decade or so, it has been focusing on the breakthrough selfie technology.

The thing which separates it from the rest of the brands is its innovative selfie beautification and the trend it has set isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Oppo had one of the largest sell-in quarters so far in India and the shipments increased 41 percent sequentially. Talking about the vendor share, it also increased significantly because it began to participate in the eTailers platform to sell devices. 

  • Fast charging
  • Long battery life
  • Good and Reliable products
  • Fast face unlock
  • Excellent camera quality
  • Relatively low-grade CPU
  • Gyrosensor missing in phone under 15000/-

6. Vivo

Vivo V15

Vivo Electronics Corp is a China-based phone brand that was founded in 2009 and has made its way into the Indian markets. Being a manufacturer of the mid-range segment of the market, it is known to make low-cost Android phones.

Moreover, in the first quarter of 2015, it joined the ranks of the top 10 mobile companies in India with a global share of almost 3 percent.

It also unveiled the first under-screen fingerprint scanner using a ClearID technology. The company is fully committed to providing extraordinary audio experiences to the users including other features in their upcoming models.

  • Powerful and efficient Snapdragon 675
  • Rare standout features like pop-up selfie cam
  • Feature-rich Funtouch OS
  • Good picture quality even in low light condition
  • Low display resolution
  • Looks at dull and unattractive

7. Honor

As a sub-brand to Huawei, Honor was established in the year 2013. This marked the beginning of the company’s independent operations.

The company specifically targets young consumers with a line of cost-effective smartphones. As of 2016-17, the company sells its devices through its official sites including 3rd party retailers. 

Being operational online, the company saves more money and offers smartphones at lower prices than its counterparts. Also, the consumers can take benefit by receiving further discounts that join the HONOR CLUB.

  • Mostly all models have a good screen-to-body ratio
  • Design and build quality are great
  • Performance is very smooth with no lags
  • It offers great and loudspeakers
  • Lowlight camera performance
  • No HD streaming support

8. Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company that designs and develops smartphones, tablets, IT management software and smart TV.

It has entered into the arena of mobile phones recently and has quite inspiringly managed to become the most sought after brands in India. 

After a disappointing few years, it bounced back as the 3rd largest smartphone brand in India. It saw the biggest increase of more than 80 percent shipments as compared to the previous quarter. Those who are looking for an affordable and high tech featured smartphone, Lenovo brand has it all.

  • Economical models
  • Lightweight models
  • Good resolution
  • Mid-range phones have poor camera
  • Heating up problem
Almost all mid-range phones are lack of camera quality
Heating problem is normally found in most of its products

9. LG Mobiles

As we all know that LG is the best selling mobile brand in the world and one of the leading tech companies. It is a leading producer of Televisions, but also manufacturers smartphones including other gadgets too.

It may have slowed down a bit in recent times, but it still is a leading brand and makes innovative smartphones.

  • Classic models designs
  • Good battery backup of all models
  • Smooth and good touch
  • Does not have the water-resistant feature
  • Expensive at minimum quality standards

10. HTC


Being headquartered in Taiwan, HTC Corp was founded in the year 1997 by Cher Wang and Peter Chou. Moreover, the company is credited to have developed the first-ever best budget phone, i.e. Android smartphone in 2008. Now the company sells its own brands that run on Microsoft Windows and Android. 

The brand that once was leading in smartphone sales dipped due to the inclusion f various other brands. But with a lifeline being Google that announced acquiring a $1.1bn of HTC’s smartphone business, thereby helping the brand not lose its value.

But it can’t be underestimated that their high grade and mid-budget smartphones have managed to allure consumers till now.

  • Sharp, high-resolution screen
  • Reliable
  • Quick fingerprint scanner
  • Metal body
  • Good Audio quality
  • Autofocus of camera is slow
  • Horrible customer service

What Are the Reasons That Chinese Smartphones Are Emerging as the Best Brands in India?

There are a variety of reasons for this influx-

  • Networking Similarities
  • Patently Yours
  • Logistically Efficient
  • Saturated China
  • Room for Growth

Most of the leading Chinese smartphone brands cumulatively hold a substantial volume of the market in India. The Chinese brands have entered India for good and are here to stay for a very long time.

You must be thanking God that finally this is over and yeah it is over! You may even have chosen a smartphone of your liking and will probably be going through the features and specs of different models too, but has thought ever crossed your mind that –

Can You Trust All the Latest Smartphone Information You Find Online? 

When you look for information online to buy these devices, you should keep in mind that most of these websites are solely created to promote their product or act as an agent for another business.

It is known as affiliate marketing, but that doesn’t mean every website on the internet is like that (FYI-we are not one of those and only give general and relevant information). 

Let us take into consideration of those websites that extensively promote smartphones. You will find huge chunks of information online about the latest mobile phones. And most of these websites are highly likely to promote a certain phone or make a sale hiding important facts from the reader.

It is not wrong at all to go through an affiliate blog to websites that are created to inform or review, there are a whole lot of other ways to get all the information on the smartphones.

But you need to keep in mind what purpose of this information is for. Does it only promote one’s brand or does it help you make informed decisions on what phone is the best for you? 

You should understand that the trustworthy websites are clear and transparent about their intentions. 

To Sum Up

India has been emerging as the largest market in the smartphone industry. Falling prices of these fancy gadgets have added fuel to the pace at which the market is growing with regards to using smartphones.

We are still about to witness the more fancier and innovative smartphones in the near future, that has also propelled numerous manufacturers to come up with their innovative and sleek designed smartphones. Surely, it will be quite boosting the overall economy of our country.

Lastly sharing a proud moment- India recently overtook the United States to become the 2nd largest market in terms of sales in the world.

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